Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The best almost Puked Moment Ever.

So there I am about to throw up. I mean I am having vision problems, I can't breath, I'm sweating profusely and on the verge of complete body shut down. I vividly remember having experienced this exact feeling before when in two-a-days in football summer practice I almost won the iron man competition. Why do you ask was I in such a state today, the flu maybe, no more like a fever, ski fever!

I was feeling sick because I spent two straight hours destroying the upper part of Alpental this morning, I actually accomplished the feat of skiing myself sick. Basically, there was just a lot of new powder and I met a cool (albeit bad ass skier) guy on lift that decided to take me on a personal tour of his favorite secret spots of Alpental. With new snow, long skis and a belly full of coffee I skied until my body gave out. It was amazing, clear skies, most people think that Snoqualmie/Ski Acres/Alpental is lame, but today on the top around almost 6000 feet I realized that Alpental is the best kept secret in Washington. So much terrain, so much back country, so much fun! Enough Said.

Onto reflections from last post, thank you SerialStar for the suggestions. Good Thing/Good Thought/Good Quote of the Day or Week is a GOOD idea. I will try to work that in.


Today's Good Thing: Blue Powerade. This is by far the most effective and comprehensive hang over cure as well as delicious electrolyte restorer known to man (orange original Gatorade coming in close second). Of course it has to be ice cold so that you can feel that icy smooth goodness save your soul as it goes down. Upon my return to the parking lot today from the hill I slammed a blue Powerade myself and it restored me to funtionality.

Today's Good Thought: A Good Summer takes Good Planning. Most people don't realize it but planning the most epic summer of your life starts now, so start getting those party funky crazy dancing ducks in a row right now.

Today's Good Quote: There are two types of people in the world those who finish what they start...

Today's Good Band: Hard to pick but its Definitely what I was rockin on the way up to the slopes, a sweet reggae band called GROUNDATION. With many many albums already they are one of the most "Bob Marley" like reggae acts I've heard in a while with lyrics like "Music is the Most Hiiiiiiigh." Oh yeah get your summer on early and check em out.

Anyways, be cool my babies

Monday, January 25, 2010

Read this, good old fashioned post.

Ah, Monday. Today was spent at _______ High School teaching Algebra. The kids were good and it was my first time at this notorious school. Freshman and Sophomore's and Math sounds like it could be a horrible day right? No not really, for some reason I was just on fire today. I used my standard secret weapon, I tricked the kids into doing their homework by doing all the problems on the board. Most people would say that this is not really very honest, I disagree, most times I find that the students haven't actually completed a homework assignment in months. By going through each problem and working it out with them many of them respond by being more engaged and actually attempting problems that they never would have tried on their own or in the elusive (free work time). In the end they get a good grade in the grade book and the teacher gets kids with a good day of practice with the skills they want them to learn. I had 12 kids today say that this would be the first homework assignment they turned in all year. Enough said.

What else, hmmm...count down to move day is all that is on my mind. I can't seem to think of anything else. I just can't wait to get this new life started. Mostly because I haven't been playing music at all lately, I've taken a big break, and my new roomate Kyle is a playing machine which will force me into playing and expanding and trying new things. I don't want to be premature in saying this, but I think I will officially be starting a band! And maybe you guys will be able to listen to something different then the horrible old songs that bombard you every time you log on to this silly little blog.

Continuing on. No responses to the little previous dream blog. No bigs, probably not that interesting. I guess I'm trying to figure out just exactly what the hell to do with this space. Lately its been hanging by a thread due to little internet access and general disinterest with life. Where should this blog go, what is the point? I seem to just write about self servient shit that doesn't really mean anything, I mean honestly it has turned into an extended Facebook page. I need to remedy this. How though?

I know a lot of readers liked the weekly features such as "old person phrase of the week" and my suggestions for new music. I just feel like its not really like that any
more. My life has changed. I am in survival mode. In Alaska time, purpose, and money were plentiful. My mission and idea of life was clear. But now, everything is murky and full of uncertain paths. I can't portray a blog of such certain and frequent stability because, in fact, my life lacks those qualities. I think a lot lately about how much I can be an active factor in the change of my life versus the gentle lull of American life that seems to make all vision of real goal achieving seemingly impossible. In the foggy view I know there is something that I am supposed to do but lately I can't see it. Half of me wants to go out there and make a name for myself but the other half of me is getting a little discouraged that I haven't made it simply because I am fucking awesome and deserve a serious shot at showing it.

And then there is love. An additionally ridiculous enigma. Some sort of zen shit happened in Alaska that has been since lost. One of the positive qualities of spending extra ordinate amounts of time alone is that you are forced to become self happy and sufficient. But now that I am back in the civilized world of wonderful people of the opposite sex the age old question returns to my field. Do I need someone to be happy? Hmmmm. Well I don't know yet. I want to be on my own because I feel like there is no way that I can be everything for someone when I'm so lost in the woods, but also, who is to say that someone wouldn't bring me out of that confusion. Its all so muddy and ridiculous sometimes. Life brings clarity one minute and complete bafflement the next. I used to think that if I could imagine a life in which I still lived full and content alone then if that happened I would be able to look back and say at least I was prepared. But, unfortunately (or fortunately) I love people and in the end I meet people and get attached and for a moment (or an extended period) I believe that people carry the key to happiness. I don't fall into the trap of thinking that I'm entitled to happiness but it would be nice. I just don't really, after all the last few years have given me, really know how to go about that, that thing of being happy. Maybe it is what drives us.

So what this entire post is about really isn't clear but hopefully you the reader recognizes it as a return to honesty, which I think, we the blog addicts of the world can agree is the most endearing quality of a good blog post (which honestly this probably isn't). Honesty about your life so that others can read it and maybe figure out what the fuck is going on, or at least realize they aren't as crazy as they thought they were. As I typed that last sentence I had the overwhelming feeling of Doogie Howser M.D. at the end of another moral filled episode where he ex-sponges his realizations on a life lesson learned (que theme music).

Anyways, I just want you to know, yes you, that I'm gonna try harder to bring that daily honesty back to "Radiate Warmth" or now the stupider name "The Good Things" which may soon be called "Stupid Shit to Think About."

Hey, go kick some ass out there.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flying Dreams, Middle School Dances,

I'm sitting here with my best bro Randolph Lundgren at the Mandolin Cafe when I remembered a dream I had last night where through the use of a special flying squirrel wingsuit I learned the ability to catch wind updrafts from earth and take flight whenever I pleased, often opting to travel at high elevations to soar over the rocky mountains and ocean. Landing was easy once I got the hang of it and although I had to ride the wind this was the first time in my life I can ever remember a flying dream...

"If you are flying with ease and enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power." ---Dream Moods.com

I don't know about that but I am pretty excited about moving! And I think the fact that Randy and I watch the Rocketeer might have had something to do with it.

I chaperoned a middle school dance on Friday...blech! I was overcome with several conflicting emotions and thoughts. First, why did dances feel so short when I was their age yet so very excruciatingly long when I chaperoned one. Secondly, I felt so sad for the little guys and girls with seemingly no friends and no one to dance with, let alone any foreseeable chances to dance with someone. Middle school is a cruel time in life.

Also, the DJ was a spiky haired, tight jean wearing, screen printed griffin t-shirt wearing douschbag that played the "Jerk" song over and over again which the kids danced the "jerk" over and over. Middle school Dances...epic fail.

hmmm...what else. Nah, nothin, big move this weekend hopefully and that will mean internet at home soon. I have so much shit to do hopefully I can get it done!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello Again....


Sorry for the week long absence but life has been progressing on at light speeds. Things are happening, I'm movin and shaking and making some changes, mixin it up, doin the bull dance, feeling the flow.

Although I have sort of failed on many aspects of my new years resolutions, mostly in the daily yoga/working out, and spending less, I have been working a ton and rebuilding something resembling a routine. I don't feel like an epic fail of a person though. I forgot how important a routine can be.

The spearhead of this routine has been tutoring 4 nights a week. I am starting to get to know the kids better, and by having something to occupy my time till 6ish every night seems to make me want to be kind of a shut in after a long day of subbing. That's right, I'm a working man lately. I worked 12 hour days every day last week except for Friday. I worked 4 days at the same school and even began to almost maybe feel like a real teacher again. I really need to focus this week on getting my application information together, updated and out there but there is so much to do.

Why you ask?

Oh because I'm FINALLY MOVING BABY!!!!!! Oh yeah, put your hands up, swing them side to side and do the new house dance! I am so farking pumped to be moving into a real house (3 bed, 1 bath, full front porch, shed, fenced yard with nice grass, oh yeah its only 2 blocks from 6th Ave in T-Town baby), a great new roomate and friend (who will hopefully also be my new band mate when we get settled), we are moving in time to get all set up for summer, get starts going for a garden and get a real home with real life (and maybe a new roomate in a month or so?). I have been in a holding pattern for months now, waiting for a job, waiting for a house, waiting for life to seemingly feel real again not just a foggy dream in which I feel no real responsibility to do anything. With a new house, new chores, new rebuilding, decorating, planting, new music to make, new goals to set, and more importantly, a new (and thankfully much cheaper), home.

How am I supposed to work a twelve hour day, get my application stuff together, pack up all my shit, move, move in, all at the same time while also trying to get up to the mountain to ski? I don't know but with all this activity and excitement I know there won't be any time for sitting around on my ass eating junk food and getting lazy. I got shit to do! Finally! I have a life! Woooo hooo!

Additionally, new people have entered my life, new friends, new friends that not only get along with my current friends, but accent them, that accompany them, that enhance all of our experience. We have been kicking ass for a month and a half together. Halloween, New Years, and recently, our most successful venture yet, Danger Ross and BEATS ANTIQUE at Neumos and subsequent extended weekend of chilling (Sister Act is so good). We had so much fun and made incredible music videos that I hope to post here soon.

So lots of work, sweet new house/home, and amazing new friends (and still awesome old friends). Things could be better (but not much, just need that fulltime salary job and I'm set!). WIth the new house will come internet by the way, so after February 1st-ish you may just start to get that old daily posting on the GOOD THINGS that you're used to.

Thanks for continuing to check in and I hope you are out getting ready for spring/summer. It has been beautiful the last couple of days and I just got a waft of summer fever.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Post

Back on Track.

I'm officially subbing every day this week plus an average of 2 hours of tutoring a night. I'm kicking ass on the money earning this week.

Although I slacked on my workout last night I'm determined to do yoga after tutoring tonight. I'm gonna juice fruits and veggies for dinner since I've been snacking all day.

There might be some glimmer of hope that we could get our original house back as the owner texted me that they expect to close on their house on the 14th. This would be a life saver!

In fun and leisure news I will be going to some great shows this next couple of months.

Beats Antique this Friday at Neumos.
Possibly Prefuse 73 January 30th
Bassnectar February 6th For sure
Sound Tribe Sector Nine in Montana, Seattle Two nights, or Portland around the 20th of Feb
Galactic the 26th of feb
Modeski Martin and Wood the 27th of Feb
EOTO, Janover, and DJ James HO on March 12th in Portland.

MY god so much good music!

I do want to go on a rambling life discussion soon, but so busy!

Love and Peace amigos

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Failures

So I worked friday then I totally failed at my resolutions on Friday evening. Total Failure. Enough Said.

Saturday I got my life together and Sunday I started over. The most frustrating issue in my life right now is that I can't find a place to live. I looked, believe me I did, I made a map and charted out all the possibilities with prices, locations, rooms everything. Then I found out we lost a roomate. I had to start all over. Kyle and I started looking half assedly on Saturday only to realize that the only two bedroom houses available are for rich people, and the rest are in dooooshy apartment complexes. We are totally skrewed.

Oh well, keep looking, stay upbeat, hopefully something will come up or maybe we may even finally get to move into the original place we wanted.

I worked a lot last week and want to keep up the trend this week. I had some good subbing experiences and my attitude has improved a bit. I think this week I'm going to focus on job application stuff and maybe apply for food stamps. I don't want to put my student loans on deferment but that might be necessary soon as well.

Today I went skiing, by myself as usual, and as I drove up I saw the sun shining, the trees and the snow and I thought wow, today is gonna be great. Then I go to the hill and it was socked in with fog. Then I got on the snow and it was really just chopped up ice from the day before (freezing rain). Totally unenjoyable ski day.

Tonight I'm forcing my parents to go to AVATAR with me. I went alone and it was such a transformative experience I just have to share it with someone. I'm really excited to see it again.

Well, I believe Rocky said something to the effect of "Its not how hard you get knocked down, its how many times you can get knocked down and keep getting up."

Lets try this health week over.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Days Three and Four


Got up, no work out
Subbed all day,
tutored for two hours
researched new houses
came home ate salad dinner
starting to get cranky from lack
went to Avatar...diet soda

everything after that was a blur. I can't say how much this movie effected me. The message of human destruction of nature and native life, the 3-d effects, the love story, the action scenes. The whole thing sucked me in. I was blown away. This was the best movie experience I've had since I can remember.


got up had yogurt and granola for breakfast
Subbed a half day
Tutor cancelled so I cleaned and rearranged my house
learned that I have to now look for TWO bedroom house after losing a roomate
Went to mom and dads for the national championship game and dinner, Colt McCoy got hurt in the first series and the rest of the game sucked.

Home to watch some movies and hopefully workout/do yoga

wake up work out
sub M.S. art class all day
clean up and prepare for Lindsey/Suzye B-Day party.

Morning Yoga
Research and check out houses with Kyle all day
Maybe go night skiing


After one week of trying to be healthy I'm doing pretty good. Eating better, being more active, working (or wanting to), and not using tobacco. I have to say I feel good, I've been productive, but still so much to do on the list and a big challenge as the weekend will be tough.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2: January 5th

Last night
New tutor student is awesome had a good session last night
Great dinner and exciting Game at Mom and Dad's: Boise State pulled it out
Did bad ass Michael Franti's Power to the peaceful yoga last night at home with the heat turned way up...sore today.
Had trouble sleeping, watched 1.5 movies went to bed late.

No sub jobs at all today! so annoying I need some money my paycheck was 300$
Checked Ski report, nothing but rain, activate alternate plan
Woke up earlier and actually worked out Push Ups, Sit Ups, Dips, Curls, Abwork
Bran Muffin and Oolong Tea for Lunch
Researched houses to rent all day lots of cheap options in the ghetto but need to mobilize roomies cuz I don't want to do this on my own
Researched and sent out inquiry emails to Evergreen Special Education Sequence office. Program seems fairly cheap but lengthy.

Later Today/Tonight:
Grocery shopping for veggies and fruit and bootch supplies
Tanning...yes tanning I need some vitamin D production and I'm sick of the rain
Rent new movies
Tutor another New Kid Later tonight at 6:30
Work on music or internet follow up
Laundry, Bootch Brewing, and Cleaning

I'm physically I'm doing well, no caffeine/sugar/tobacco withdrawls, and insomnia is normal for me. I'm still stressing about money a lot though, until I can get into a cheaper place I'm gonna continue to struggle.

What are your new years resolutions?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Responsibility January


After a long summer of festivals and fun, and a long fall of unsteady, unsatisfying work, and then a very long and indulgent holiday season, I have decided to change my life for a while.

I'm gonna call it "Responsibility January"

Here are my goals for the month:

No fast food, or even restaurant food (too much money)
Push Ups/Sit Ups/Pull Ups every morning (gotta get ripped)
No coffee shop coffee (make my own)
No going out No tobacco
Yoga every night before bed
Substitute everyday if possible
Drink my Kamboucha every day
Drink homemade vegetable/fruit juice every day instead of lunch
Drink more water to stay full
Write new songs and Record an album to give to venues
Try to put together a show with friends
Find a new house to move into
Start rebuilding my teacher job profileand resume
Start applying for jobs in multiple school districts
Put up "manny" add on Craig's List
Look for jobs in Retirement Homes/Assisted living
Stay on top of my tutoring
Ski on weekends
Keep my house clean
Start getting ready to move
Use the internet at night and Blog more often

I'm gonna keep a journal and report how each day goes, hoping that if I use my blog to keep me on point it will work.

DAY ONE: January 4th:

No Sub jobs available today.
I slept in and didn't work out. Not a good start.
I paid my credit card bill on time. Fun.
Drank bottle of Bootch for lunch
Then I went to my mom and dad's to get on the internet and take care of bills and tutoring chores.
I burned a bunch of Dubsteb cd's that Ashley left in my car
I got a sub job for Friday.
I got a weeklong sub for next week.
I'm about to go tutor a new student
Watch the NCAA Mens Football game tonight with mom and dad.
Go grocery shopping for veggies and fruit
Then home for workout and yoga
Watch a movie/play music
Meditate go to sleep

Wish me luck on my new challenge!

A New Year, a new March

New Years Eve was probably the best one I've ever had. Period. It started off rocky with a long rainy drive to Portland in which my knuckles were white the whole way. Then we got massively lost on our way to the restaurant we had reservations at.

Then we spent the countdown in line waiting to get into the Time2 Party to see Flying Lotus and March Forth Marching Band. Once inside I bumped into an old friend and went to see Flying Lotus with Randy, Suzye, Lindsey, Katie, Amy, Ashley and Marty. The DJ was incredible. This is now two incredible DJ/Dubstep experiences in a row in Portland for me. Then Katie and I went for a walk because the venue was so hot inside only to find out upon return that the fire marshals shut the show down and they weren't going to let us back in. (Panic) I told Katie not to panic and lets stay positive and sure as shit we are outside talking to the members of March Forth Marching Band about the situation. Then our other friends come out and we make a split decision to stick it out by the bus and see what happens.

Everyone goes on the tour bus and I stayed outside. Next thing I know I hear "We need a power supply" and "hand my my trumpet." The band hijacked a outlet and set up in the parking lot next to the entrance. The rain stopped. The dancers put on their stilts, the music began and in less than two minutes there was a gathering crowd of over 200 getting their funk down hard core, guerrilla style. With lyrics like "Oooooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaaah Feeeeeling Aliiiiiive" and "Riiiiiiiiiiise Uuuuuup" We were totally feeling happy and free and even ushered the two cars of the fire marshals that shut the party down out of the parking lot we had taken over!

Check out the video by clicking HERE

We finished up at the place we were staying with friends an relaxation and made new deep connections with cool new friends. The evening ended very late/early with good feelings and no incidents.

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