Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Post

Back on Track.

I'm officially subbing every day this week plus an average of 2 hours of tutoring a night. I'm kicking ass on the money earning this week.

Although I slacked on my workout last night I'm determined to do yoga after tutoring tonight. I'm gonna juice fruits and veggies for dinner since I've been snacking all day.

There might be some glimmer of hope that we could get our original house back as the owner texted me that they expect to close on their house on the 14th. This would be a life saver!

In fun and leisure news I will be going to some great shows this next couple of months.

Beats Antique this Friday at Neumos.
Possibly Prefuse 73 January 30th
Bassnectar February 6th For sure
Sound Tribe Sector Nine in Montana, Seattle Two nights, or Portland around the 20th of Feb
Galactic the 26th of feb
Modeski Martin and Wood the 27th of Feb
EOTO, Janover, and DJ James HO on March 12th in Portland.

MY god so much good music!

I do want to go on a rambling life discussion soon, but so busy!

Love and Peace amigos


Susan Iverson said...

What about EJ on February 6th? I bought your ticket you know. Can't wait! By the way, you are very special.

Kale Iverson said...

oh silly mother, I already told you that you are dropping me off at Bassnectar after we rock out to Elton John and Billy Joel at Key Arena. Bassnectar doesn't go on till 12:30.

...yes I'm going to Elton John

Randall H. Sloot said...

Hope the new diggs works out in your favor. See you tomorrow night!

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