Thursday, January 7, 2010

Days Three and Four


Got up, no work out
Subbed all day,
tutored for two hours
researched new houses
came home ate salad dinner
starting to get cranky from lack
went to soda

everything after that was a blur. I can't say how much this movie effected me. The message of human destruction of nature and native life, the 3-d effects, the love story, the action scenes. The whole thing sucked me in. I was blown away. This was the best movie experience I've had since I can remember.


got up had yogurt and granola for breakfast
Subbed a half day
Tutor cancelled so I cleaned and rearranged my house
learned that I have to now look for TWO bedroom house after losing a roomate
Went to mom and dads for the national championship game and dinner, Colt McCoy got hurt in the first series and the rest of the game sucked.

Home to watch some movies and hopefully workout/do yoga

wake up work out
sub M.S. art class all day
clean up and prepare for Lindsey/Suzye B-Day party.

Morning Yoga
Research and check out houses with Kyle all day
Maybe go night skiing


After one week of trying to be healthy I'm doing pretty good. Eating better, being more active, working (or wanting to), and not using tobacco. I have to say I feel good, I've been productive, but still so much to do on the list and a big challenge as the weekend will be tough.


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serialstar said...

yay for productivity and always moving forward!

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