Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Failures

So I worked friday then I totally failed at my resolutions on Friday evening. Total Failure. Enough Said.

Saturday I got my life together and Sunday I started over. The most frustrating issue in my life right now is that I can't find a place to live. I looked, believe me I did, I made a map and charted out all the possibilities with prices, locations, rooms everything. Then I found out we lost a roomate. I had to start all over. Kyle and I started looking half assedly on Saturday only to realize that the only two bedroom houses available are for rich people, and the rest are in dooooshy apartment complexes. We are totally skrewed.

Oh well, keep looking, stay upbeat, hopefully something will come up or maybe we may even finally get to move into the original place we wanted.

I worked a lot last week and want to keep up the trend this week. I had some good subbing experiences and my attitude has improved a bit. I think this week I'm going to focus on job application stuff and maybe apply for food stamps. I don't want to put my student loans on deferment but that might be necessary soon as well.

Today I went skiing, by myself as usual, and as I drove up I saw the sun shining, the trees and the snow and I thought wow, today is gonna be great. Then I go to the hill and it was socked in with fog. Then I got on the snow and it was really just chopped up ice from the day before (freezing rain). Totally unenjoyable ski day.

Tonight I'm forcing my parents to go to AVATAR with me. I went alone and it was such a transformative experience I just have to share it with someone. I'm really excited to see it again.

Well, I believe Rocky said something to the effect of "Its not how hard you get knocked down, its how many times you can get knocked down and keep getting up."

Lets try this health week over.

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