Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello Again....


Sorry for the week long absence but life has been progressing on at light speeds. Things are happening, I'm movin and shaking and making some changes, mixin it up, doin the bull dance, feeling the flow.

Although I have sort of failed on many aspects of my new years resolutions, mostly in the daily yoga/working out, and spending less, I have been working a ton and rebuilding something resembling a routine. I don't feel like an epic fail of a person though. I forgot how important a routine can be.

The spearhead of this routine has been tutoring 4 nights a week. I am starting to get to know the kids better, and by having something to occupy my time till 6ish every night seems to make me want to be kind of a shut in after a long day of subbing. That's right, I'm a working man lately. I worked 12 hour days every day last week except for Friday. I worked 4 days at the same school and even began to almost maybe feel like a real teacher again. I really need to focus this week on getting my application information together, updated and out there but there is so much to do.

Why you ask?

Oh because I'm FINALLY MOVING BABY!!!!!! Oh yeah, put your hands up, swing them side to side and do the new house dance! I am so farking pumped to be moving into a real house (3 bed, 1 bath, full front porch, shed, fenced yard with nice grass, oh yeah its only 2 blocks from 6th Ave in T-Town baby), a great new roomate and friend (who will hopefully also be my new band mate when we get settled), we are moving in time to get all set up for summer, get starts going for a garden and get a real home with real life (and maybe a new roomate in a month or so?). I have been in a holding pattern for months now, waiting for a job, waiting for a house, waiting for life to seemingly feel real again not just a foggy dream in which I feel no real responsibility to do anything. With a new house, new chores, new rebuilding, decorating, planting, new music to make, new goals to set, and more importantly, a new (and thankfully much cheaper), home.

How am I supposed to work a twelve hour day, get my application stuff together, pack up all my shit, move, move in, all at the same time while also trying to get up to the mountain to ski? I don't know but with all this activity and excitement I know there won't be any time for sitting around on my ass eating junk food and getting lazy. I got shit to do! Finally! I have a life! Woooo hooo!

Additionally, new people have entered my life, new friends, new friends that not only get along with my current friends, but accent them, that accompany them, that enhance all of our experience. We have been kicking ass for a month and a half together. Halloween, New Years, and recently, our most successful venture yet, Danger Ross and BEATS ANTIQUE at Neumos and subsequent extended weekend of chilling (Sister Act is so good). We had so much fun and made incredible music videos that I hope to post here soon.

So lots of work, sweet new house/home, and amazing new friends (and still awesome old friends). Things could be better (but not much, just need that fulltime salary job and I'm set!). WIth the new house will come internet by the way, so after February 1st-ish you may just start to get that old daily posting on the GOOD THINGS that you're used to.

Thanks for continuing to check in and I hope you are out getting ready for spring/summer. It has been beautiful the last couple of days and I just got a waft of summer fever.


suzyeQzee said...

you got to mention your GIRLLLLfriend, ooooOOOOOooo!

Randall H. Sloot said...

yeah man, what what! Can't wait for your new digs and a new chill pad (not that I won't miss your old one or anything). Glad thins are going well for you. May the "good things" keep comin!

Anonymous said...

mister iverson!! i mean kale..;. lol whats happening?! this is dawn =] me nothing just in web design class... were waiting on a fire drill in a few. and its very cold out. but not as cold as last time. man we miss you lots!! come visit sometimes!! lol... i never come by your blog in a while so i thought i would come by and say hey. alright fire drill should be going on pretty sooon. TC!! -dawn

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