Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, a new March

New Years Eve was probably the best one I've ever had. Period. It started off rocky with a long rainy drive to Portland in which my knuckles were white the whole way. Then we got massively lost on our way to the restaurant we had reservations at.

Then we spent the countdown in line waiting to get into the Time2 Party to see Flying Lotus and March Forth Marching Band. Once inside I bumped into an old friend and went to see Flying Lotus with Randy, Suzye, Lindsey, Katie, Amy, Ashley and Marty. The DJ was incredible. This is now two incredible DJ/Dubstep experiences in a row in Portland for me. Then Katie and I went for a walk because the venue was so hot inside only to find out upon return that the fire marshals shut the show down and they weren't going to let us back in. (Panic) I told Katie not to panic and lets stay positive and sure as shit we are outside talking to the members of March Forth Marching Band about the situation. Then our other friends come out and we make a split decision to stick it out by the bus and see what happens.

Everyone goes on the tour bus and I stayed outside. Next thing I know I hear "We need a power supply" and "hand my my trumpet." The band hijacked a outlet and set up in the parking lot next to the entrance. The rain stopped. The dancers put on their stilts, the music began and in less than two minutes there was a gathering crowd of over 200 getting their funk down hard core, guerrilla style. With lyrics like "Oooooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaaah Feeeeeling Aliiiiiive" and "Riiiiiiiiiiise Uuuuuup" We were totally feeling happy and free and even ushered the two cars of the fire marshals that shut the party down out of the parking lot we had taken over!

Check out the video by clicking HERE

We finished up at the place we were staying with friends an relaxation and made new deep connections with cool new friends. The evening ended very late/early with good feelings and no incidents.


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