Monday, January 4, 2010

Responsibility January


After a long summer of festivals and fun, and a long fall of unsteady, unsatisfying work, and then a very long and indulgent holiday season, I have decided to change my life for a while.

I'm gonna call it "Responsibility January"

Here are my goals for the month:

No fast food, or even restaurant food (too much money)
Push Ups/Sit Ups/Pull Ups every morning (gotta get ripped)
No coffee shop coffee (make my own)
No going out No tobacco
Yoga every night before bed
Substitute everyday if possible
Drink my Kamboucha every day
Drink homemade vegetable/fruit juice every day instead of lunch
Drink more water to stay full
Write new songs and Record an album to give to venues
Try to put together a show with friends
Find a new house to move into
Start rebuilding my teacher job profileand resume
Start applying for jobs in multiple school districts
Put up "manny" add on Craig's List
Look for jobs in Retirement Homes/Assisted living
Stay on top of my tutoring
Ski on weekends
Keep my house clean
Start getting ready to move
Use the internet at night and Blog more often

I'm gonna keep a journal and report how each day goes, hoping that if I use my blog to keep me on point it will work.

DAY ONE: January 4th:

No Sub jobs available today.
I slept in and didn't work out. Not a good start.
I paid my credit card bill on time. Fun.
Drank bottle of Bootch for lunch
Then I went to my mom and dad's to get on the internet and take care of bills and tutoring chores.
I burned a bunch of Dubsteb cd's that Ashley left in my car
I got a sub job for Friday.
I got a weeklong sub for next week.
I'm about to go tutor a new student
Watch the NCAA Mens Football game tonight with mom and dad.
Go grocery shopping for veggies and fruit
Then home for workout and yoga
Watch a movie/play music
Meditate go to sleep

Wish me luck on my new challenge!


suzyeQzee said...

you can do it!!! go kale!

Delcie said...

hi mr. iverson. :) nice blog. and nice goals. i need to start staying in fit. well hope you stay with your goals and everything. take care.

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