Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My neglected readers

I can't really tell if my recent leave of absence on The Good Things is being noticed but I do apologize for it.

I have been really busy and all over the place with the holidays and blogging kind of got put on the back burner. When my life became a constant triage the blog twas mearly a flesh wound.

Life is good...ish. I am really excited to go with my bestest friends down to Portland for March Forth Marching Band on New Years Eve. 20 freaks in High School Marching band uniforms playing dirty funk music while stilt walkers and synchronized circus acts dance around is my definition of a good effing time.

My mom had a really good birthday with me and my dad and grandma at the Muckleshoot Indian Casino. I lost fifty bucks.

My brother is now jet setted across the Atlantic Pond to Ireland in search of the meaning of life and a job. I miss him already.

Other than that I simply promise a lot of interesting shit to come on the blog in the new year 2010 (that sounds so futuristic)

Happy new year, be safe and have fun


Susan Iverson said...

I truly did have a great birthday, except for missing your brother. I think 2010 is going to be a good year for all of us. Start it off safe in Portland. I am writing in the journal you gave me, thank you so much, once again, for expanding my horizons.

ms. cugno to some said...

Well i hope new year´s was swell! Don´t worry about sending me anything, apparently it´s outrageously spendy! (not to mention real slow, I´m still waiting on a package my mom sent about a month ago now...)
It´s the thought that counts anyway though.

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