Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Music For Suggestion

I have been lucky to have access to some good fall music lately. Some of the people I would like to suggest to you as the final leaves of fall trickle to the ground are artists that seem to signify quiet reflection with acoustic guitars and lyrics from the soul.

First and foremost I am still rocking Joe Pug from last post. Except now I'm a little more obsessed. His awkward earthen delivery just begs for fall drives and quiet sunday morning house cleaning.

Secondly, Mason Jennings , on the Jack Johnson Brushfire records label, sings from a mid 30's father/husband perspective. His albums aren't over produced, his singing/talking style has a Lou Reed quality to it, and his subject content inspires reflection, light as well as heavy hearted thoughts and an over all sense of relaxation. I suggest the album "Use Your Voice" on headphones, darjeeling tea and sketchpad for this guy.

Third, no fall soulful contemplative list would be complete without Mr. Ray Lamontagne . The gravelly, soulful romantic singer songwriter is an essential of the fall mix. His newer album "Gossip in the Grain" is a great album but if you really want the kind of fall feel I'm going for "Trouble" really hits the spot. Lots and lots of this album are perfect for falling asleep in a cozy bed with the wind howling outside and someone to hold.

Even though I've mentioned it before, Bon Iver (who I discovered from Miss Larbage herself) is still on constant October/November rotation. This guy if you remember moved up into the woods alone and emerged with this little gem. Most of the lyrics are confusing and often unintelligible but the emotion and gritty naturalness shines through

I certainly could add more on these artist and suggest many others but I think that this is a short and sweet start, some other's I might toss on the list would be Joanna Newsom "The Sprout and the Bean," or Fleet Foxes, Jim Croce, Bob Dylan Bootleg Volume 1, and Woody Guthrie.

As for me my car got a flat on sunday, which I had to take off today to fix. My back is sore from raking leaves at Mom and Dad's homestead yesterday. And my wallet is recovering from two straight weeks of car trouble. At least I finally got paid my meager sub wages and also received my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend to lessen the blow a little.

I'll leave you with yet more song lyrics from my last new song of late:

I don't believe in God,
Cuz its never been that real to me
Go on all you children
Believe your Stories
When I look around
Do you know what I see?

I see the birds and the bees
and the flowers in the trees
in Evo-lution
I see the fishes in the seas
and all the manatees
in Evo-Lution
I see you lookin at me
with those eyes green
in Evo-lution
natures revolution

Your skin might be black as night
Your hair might be snow white
We all depend on beams of light
and that's ok that's alright
cuz when I look around
do you know what I see?


We are just trying to get by
Like the birds in the sky
You are trying to survive
With your one and only life
When I look around
Do you know what I see?




Brian in AK said...

Great recommendations. A quick question on Mason Jennings/Walon Jennings paternity connection. I did a quick internet search and can't confirm the connection. Where did you find this?

earth-rabbit said...

When are you going to burn me a fall soul mix? You can't just tell me names, I gotta hear it!

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