Monday, November 16, 2009

Bummers and Booyas and New Songs For Yous Guys


Getting the word that I have to wait till January 1st to move into my new house with my new roommates. This means one more month of expensive rent.

Waking up to a flat tire on Sunday morning last week.

Cape Disappointment Park Ranger A-holes.

People Canceling requests for tutors.

SPAM Blog comments...grrr. I get so excited when I see "15 comments" only to realize no one actually commented they are all just medicine adds. What the Fudge?

The Cougars attempting to play football this weekend against UCLA but instead deciding to hold a large little girl's tea party on the field instead of actually trying to resemble a collegiate football team.

6 hour car rides (actually kind of fun this time).


The new issue of SPIN magazine featuring a great interview with Devendra Banhart and some amazing journalism on Wayne Coyne and behind the scenes with THE FLAMING LIPS.

Purchasing the new Richard Dawkin's Book "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH." Can't wait to learn even more about evolution in action.

New albums coming out by Devendra Banhart, Flaming Lips, Tegan and Sara, Flowmotion and Massive Attack and Jay Farrar/Ben Gibbard (inspired by a Jack Kerouac book BIG SUR.

Writing Yet another effing song! I'm a machine right now.

Being Single. So nice.

Snails. They're radula. (did anyone get that joke?)

Metropolitan Market's $7.99 thanksgiving dinner box, addicted.

An upcoming show at the Beyond The Bridge Cafe again and knowing that I have at least 20 more minutes of previously unperformed material.

AND NOW FOR WHAT YOU ALL REALLY WANT! Some more song lyrics........probably not.


I like a hard bar stool
Beneath my back
I feel the weight of the world
I am a slow train
On a run away track
I am an oyster
Amongst the Pearls

And this feeling in my belly
It won't go away
And this shit they are selling
Is more than I'm willing to pay
All we really own
Are our memories of yesterday
And if I tell the truth
Even those are slipping away

I like the grip of the wheel
In my hands
I can feel
The river tame
I am the engineer
Of my plans
I am the player
Of the game


and one more for ya.


A part of me went missing
On a permanent trip
But most of me is wishing
For the sinking of the ship

Perilous Navigation
Lighthouse of the mind
Just have to be patient
And we will see what we will find

A lot of us keep on thinking
Just what really is the point
But the seagulls they are singing
Wings breaking at the joint


If you were left wanting
For something big and true
The mermaids are flaunting
In the surf and in the stew


"p.s. (what the part of the alphabet would sound like if q and r were removed.)"


Randall H. Sloot said...

Sorry about the bummers man, super bummers. The comment (almost typed vomment, ha ha) thing sounds horrible, hope that doesn't happen to me, it may be too much to bare. As for the Cougars... um... yeah... maybe next year? I too am stoked about the prospect of some new music but I have my doubts about a album inspired by Big Sur. I narrowly escaped slitting my wrists reading that book, But if anyone can make it work I spose it's those guys. Your song sounds interesting, cant wait to hear it. And oh yeah, you need to tell me more about this thanksgiving dinner @ the Met... I'm not sure exactly what to make of it.

Anonymous said...

That part about getting 15 comments made me laugh a little! haha.
welll sounds like er'rythang is going dandy!
aiight, later.

Hal Iverson said...

I love "Amongst the pearls"- I want more of that song. Give us another verse? perhaps a bridge?

6 hour car rides can be fun with a few road sodas and my big brother.

By the way, I am really getting into "Another Roadside Attraction" I don't know why it took me so long to appreciate Tom Robbins' writing...I liked it from the start, but im beginning to love it. Maybe I'll buy his entire collection to keep me company in Ireland :)

Anonymous said...

You know that I just said the alphabet, without q and r to get your p.s. joke. Sounds like life's grand in WA. Glad to hear it. Just think - now you could be stuck on your island among all the wind and snow in the Bering Sea. It hasn't even reached zero all week - it's freezing up here!

Take care,
Angie Abel

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