Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Stars Say

Keep reading to understand the post title.

Sometimes I just write things because they fit my mood. Its finally the kind of fall in the puget sound we're used to, cold-ish, raining constantly, and dark as hell. Oh yes, this is the gloomy Washington you hear Californians talking about. I met a guy from South Carolina last night and he was like, "I can see my breath this isn't cool." But it is. If we didn't have this period of weather every Tom, Dick and Harry would move to Washington.

In other news the Freedom From Religion Foundation conference is in Seattle this weekend through Sunday. It sold out faster than any other city in the United States indicating that the Northwest is possibly one stronghold for freethinking people in America. I wish I could attend but matters are such that I can't. I do want to see some of the banners and billboards that they put up in town though. I'm especially humored by the "REASONS GREETINGS" one. I'm gonna use that. I also wish that I could go and support free thought and be among other people who aren't afraid to stand up for atheism in America.

I got my car back after a $2900 bill. Its running great with the new clutch and mostly overhauled engine, speedy, and strong like when I first bought it. Now we just need some snow so I can put the Sarge to its most prized use, destroying snow on the way to the mountain to go skiing. I love that I have a reason to love the rain seeing as how it brings yummy mushrooms to go and find but I'm starting to get that good old winter itch to hit the slopes. C'mon snow! I better go watch a Warren Miller Movie to quench my thirst.

What else? Hmmm. Well my friend Katie hooked me up with a bunch of music for my iPod last week. I've been inspired by some new artists that I haven't really listened to that much before. This guy Joe Pug has a really cool sound, sort of early Bob Dylan ish with a distinctly unique tremble voice. He kind of looks like a dork but then again so do I so who am I to judge. Check out the song "Hymn #101" there's a really good line in the song about the "Timber of my heart."

Also, in an attempt to prove that I actually have been writing new music and getting ready for my next gig at the end of the month I will close with some song lyrics from a new song called:

"The Stars Say"

I don't know what the moon says
about growing old
I don't know what the trees say
about what happens to your soul
All I know is that its hard enough
so don't bring me down, don't bring me down

Sometimes I get lost along the way
Sometimes I don't know just what to say
Sometimes I can make sense of the situation...yes I do
When I know that there's no explanation for people like you

I don't know what the stars say
about the loss of youth
I don't know what the wind says
about the cold truth
all i know is that it feels real
so don't let me down, don't let me down


I don't know what the snow says
about falling down
I don't know what the grass says
about being rooted to the ground
All I know is that I can love life
and you know I will, you know I will


And thats that for today, sorry no big insights or waves created but Its been a long hard week, time for some cougar football, family and friends.


Susan Iverson said...

I'd like to hear this song, I love the lyrics. I'm glad you include your family in the good things once in awhile.

Anonymous said...
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