Thursday, April 16, 2009

School, Travel, Life, House, Job, Music, Love, Soul

Consider this a impromptu update...

I have been totally checked out this week, state testing left a bad effing taste in my mouth as did the anonymous commenter's remarks which I have denied two comments of theirs now for stupidity and rudeness since. I'm teaching some really good lessons and the Health class is totally into the Sex Education Unit. As uncomfortable as this topic usually is we are having a really positive discussion every day. Go SEX ED! Also, our brand newly cleaned fish tank has somehow improved the over all morale of the whole class, they are so proud of 8 gold!

Travel: After a long grueling communication triangulation between myself on an island in the Bering Sea, My brother on a Department of Defense Base outside of London (and travelling germany), and Brett in a smaller town of unknown name in Romania (and also travelling germany) I finally pulled the trigger and bought two tickets from London to Bucharest and then two more from Bucharest to Rome a week later. This part of the Europe month is set and a big load off the chest of us all.

So far Hal and I are thinking London a couple days, Romania with Brett for a week, Italian coast, (maybe croatia if time) for few, Sardinia for camping on the beach for another few, and Barcelona for a couple possibly with Marvik (sorry Corinna Greece might have gotten cut this time through we are having a hard time fitting it). Lots of bumming in between all destinations I'm sure...haven't gotten the travel butterflies yet...I'll let you know when I do though...they always come.

Life: I have slipped into a very unhealthy cycle of staying up late (far past my phone time with sydney baby) This morning when I woke up I had two totally red eyes, it was frightening, I just cant make the decision to fall asleep. I don't know what is going on, too much on the old mind. I'm also trying live off what meager food rations I have left without ordering anymore food till I leave...should be interesting.

House: My apartment is a wreck, I'm gonna send off the rest of my unnecessary objects this weekend following the first batch (90$ worth of shipping). My former Tacoma landlords Ken and Julie (and readers of this here blog hi guys!) have a one bedroom house pop up in Ruston/Ruby area in Tacoma by Point Defiance blocks away from the water, the Unicorn, and the antique sandwich company. Its an amazing location, a good price, but I'm trying to figure out if Hal and I can squeeze in wouldn't have to be forever I guess. I'm still thinking...

Job: Still communicating with those in the driver seat for a job at the Tacoma School of the Arts/Science and Math Institute, I also put in two applications to Tacoma School Districts for pooled science positions. We'll see what happens. I'm optimistic and not desperate, after all I have to remind my self that I am a kick ass teacher that anyone would be lucky to have not a desperate one.

Music: I haven't been making any lately. Practicing a bit, but listening more. I'm obsessed with two bands currently, The Polyphonic Spree, and Random Rab. More on them for the weekend update...but look forward to an analysis on what makes something "Psychedelic" music.

Love: 30 days from today till I will be in the arms of my baby girl. Time can't go fast enough, all the letters and phone calls, and skypes and email are amazing but I want to be home already! I'm coming baby, one month! We can do it!

Soul: I'm in ok shape, I tend to get super stressed during these paradigm shifts in my life. I've had a lot of total switches in the last decade: High School to College, College to Australia, Australia back to College, College to Working Life, Working Life to Masters Program, Masters Program to Alaska, Alaska to ....? Each time the uncertainty of what lay ahead just leaves me future tripping and worrying. I just want to fast forward to the part where I'm settled in. Its sooo stressful trying to line up a new life all over again. I am definitely ready to settle in for a while (not forever, but I wanna be home for while) my soul is doing ok, to much soda pop, too little sleep, some good exercise, not enough to eat, lots of hope and visions, lots of love, over all I'm doing ok, just a little stressed about the future but at 26 I think thats gotta be normal right?

How are you all doing out there on these categories?

Love Love Love,



Syd said...

school: I realize i really am not passionate about math

travel: My sister is getting married in Hawaii and thats all i have to look forward the travel braket.

Life: My mom and I are getting cats are lovey. My booch has no mold and My Plants are growing. I will know whether i won the Lotto on Sat.....:)Only one quarter of school left.. I get to tlak to my brilliant man every night..fueling me for conquering whats to come... I live in a one b/r apt wit my sucks.

Job: I'm underapreciated and sensitive.

Music: Saves my life. dreams are haunting my waking life.

Soul: I can never be set free

Reese-E said...

Hi Kale! Thanks for pointing out all the good bluegrass bands! I promise I'll check some out since you recommended. I'll even take pictures for proof! Haha.

I hope me and Mason get to see ya some time this summer!

Randall H. Sloot said...

Man, I too have had trouble going to sleep at a socially acceptable hour recently. I keep staying up late playing Fallout 3 and then watching an episode of either south park, it's always sunny in Philadelphia, or something else. Simultaneous curses and praise to the god of internet. South Park did a good episode about it called "over logging" that was really good. BTW, go to to watch every s/p episode ever made.

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