Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Its another Sunday. I'm now faced with planning out a whole week of lovely learning for my little Junior High and High School minds...what would you want to sit through with 15 hours of sunshine blazing outside...

Musical Artist of the Week: I was going to do an analysis of the qualities of a group or music that, in fact, make it "Psychedelic" music. But I think I'll save that for another day. Needless to say this week's artist is a psychedelic maestro: RANDOM RAB from his newish album "aRose." This dj/noise/beat maker mixes together plodding basslines, heavily modulated voices, cool samples and heady heady heady delays and reverberations that would melt any melon. At times he has a sedated Bassnectar feel, at time he has a Massive Attack esque tracerish sound, and his voice is succinctly his own. As soon as I heard of it I thought of the late night boogie tents at festivals like High Sierra and Meltdown. Man, so good. His other albums are great to Try "The Elucidation of Sorrow" To listen to a bunch for free click HERE

Old Person Phrase of the Week: Gary and I were using this one when describing a couple of sissy boxers on showtime that refused to hit each other. The term is "Namby Pamby" and it means being a total wuss. Namby Pamby actually comes from some old english poem but it was such a good burn that it stuck around (I'm sure the very english and very proper Anonymous Commenter will have something to say about this considering their affinity for un-importantly clarifying the correct use of words.) I happen to really like throwing in "Patty Caking" right after Namby Pamby to really sell the verbal exchange on how much of a wussy situation it is.
"Quite being a namby pamby and patty cakin around, just do it!"

Weather On Nunivak: Spring is, like totally, trying to get all up in winter's grill, but like, OMG, winter is like "oh no you didn't" and totally like totally texted spring and told spring that they were like no longer BFF's. So now all the rest of us are stuck with winter, like totally lame like totally right? SSSSSSSSERiously ready for some sunshine and above freezing temperatures already.

Art Update: Not much new art, just practicing the ukulele a lot, getting ready for the big summer push. I just realized I'll be with out Bertha (my second ukulele) for one month in Europe. I'd take it with me but I'm trying to stick to one carry on bag. I did realize when exchanging poetry with Sydney that I probably have over 100 poems to my credit. I don't think they're particularly amazing but maybe taken as a complete set from the age of 21-present would make a pretty impressive collection. One of my summer goals will be to type them all up from the napkins and menus and scratch papers/envelopes/blog posts/ they're written on into a complete set. Would you readers like to read some old poems ?

Festival Possibilities: I'm having a really hard time not going to both of these festivals. They fit into my schedule, they are amazing line ups, and they are both in California which is a state I love to visit but never do enough. I was thinking about this when I was listening to "Californication" by RHCP and I realized that California is the farthest westward super metropolis expansion of Western culture (Australia and New Zealand being the East). Interesting...

The first is San Francisco's Outside Lands Music Festival taking place in late August in Golden Gate Park. I have great friends who live there and would get to see them as well as some great music and night life. I really really really want to go. Click HERE to see more. And talk me into it!

The Second is the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy California (up in the hills by Sacremento). The line up is unique and strong this year and it would be so much fun. I just don't know if I can be away from home for the 4th of July. Click HERE to see more. What do you think should I go?

Europe Travel Updates: So here's where we're at. My brother and I will meet in London, have a few days there exploring what ever he thinks up (maybe we could stay with Anonymous Commenter...or not). Then we are flying to Bucharest to meet Brett where we'll go to Vama Veche, hike Mt. Sinai and see the Carpathian Mountains, and then Back to Bucharest, then we'll go from Bucharest and fly to Rome. From Rome we're gonna work the Italian coast to Cinque Terra and from the coast Ferry to Sardinia for some camping on the beach and exploring. From their we're gonna fly to Barcelona to meet up with Lilli and Marvik possibly. Now that the trip is starting to shape up I am suuuuuper excited.

Anonymous Commenter Update: This person keeps commenting on the blog as if their opinion matters (or if its their right), its been such a positive space for so long its really weird having some negative english person who's life is so boring that they have to read, and refute everything some person they don't even know says all the way in Alaska. I am nervous that they know my brother who is teaching in the UK and I'll meet them when I travel there, maybe they'll spit in my coffee, excuse me tea, and maybe they'll do other dastardly deeds when I'm not looking like put a tack on my seat or who knows what the english mischief makers do. I guess when that happens I'll have learned my lesson not to call people's misguided thoughts "Turd Nuggets" openly in a blog forum otherwise face the wrath of semi-continuous anonymous comments and possible future skulduggery, tomfoolery, ballyhoo, shenanigans and whatever else they do. See Radiate Warmth readers, I played into AC's negative Nancy attitude, and look where it got me? Don't give in to negative english nancies out there! Oh AC I love you. I mean I don't actually, but I wish you'd go away but I love you for what you represent.

Lastly But Not Leastly: This blog has been BOOOOOORING lately. I'm sorry for that, I wish something exciting would happen to give you all something to really read about. The truth is I'm just passing the time, doing my job, trying to get my mind and body right for all the big changes soon to come in my life. In fact my life is a little boring right now, boring just the way I like it. I can't believe that in 26 days I'll be in the boooooooooooossom of my family, my friends and my most awesomest baby girl. Got to love that. Go TIME go TIME go!

This week I will be Principal for half of it...muhaha

Have a Fan Farkin Tastic Week out there friends (and non friends too AC you have a good week too buddy...I mean chap...or geezer if you will).


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Syd said...

both summer Cali festies look great! Why do you need to be talked into it? GO baby GO GO! :D

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