Friday, April 10, 2009

Enough Already AC

AC the anonymous commenter has graced us with yet another one of their wildly insightful comments... I can't help but feel responsible for egging this poor misguided individual on. So I will respond to this last comment because this is MY blog and I get the last say. Then I will get back to more positive reflections on life.

I will not however apologize for standing on a soap box and damning the outrageous and incomprehensibly inappropriate American practice of High Stakes testing for graduation from high school. I do and always will feel it is completely wrong.

Now the Radiate Warmth readers seem to be on my side here AC, you haven't won many people over with your illuminating remarks. So you've taken a new approach...lets see how you've put your foot in your mouth today...

For reference, I will put AC's comments in italics and my own in bold. If you would like you read this comment in its ridiculous entirety you can find it on the last post.

AC: "In your rush to hate on America you've apparently assumed I am an American and that I work in the United States. I suppose it fits in with your world view that since America is the source of everything bad it's the only country that uses standardized testing.

Still, it's amusing when those who spend so much time criticizing others for being culturally insensitive turn around and do the very same thing themselves."

Dear AC, I had to assume that you are American you raving nincompoop. You've commented anonymously !!! What the fark are you thinking? If you are anonymous you will get lumped in with the most frequent readership group of my blog, americans. If you had a profile with personal information maybe I could have been more culturally sensitive when I bashed moronic American Educational practice...oh wait white people control the universe so excuse me if I'm not going to be sensitive to their decisions. And for the record, America is probably the source of everything the way...

Where ever you come from doesn't change the fact that you are part of the problem and not the solution. Additionally, I don't care if you call me culturally insensitive. I live and teach in an ESKIMO village. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? I have been given an ESKIMO name. I don't need an anonymous person's approval of weather or not I am sensitive. Unlike most white people in society I know (and am embarrassed by) what privileges I get simply because of the color of my skin.

I left teaching not because it was particularly hard (it's not) but because it did not pay enough. I've since done well enough for myself financially that I need not worry about money matters now. So when I read the yearly rants about standardized testing, I'm tempted to return to the "profession" just to show all the whingers that, when done properly, it's not nearly as difficult as they make it out to be.

blah blah blah, yes we get it already you are a money grubber and now you've struck it rich, nice work. Anyways, some of us have to put that monetary pursuit aside to try and help someone out besides ourselves. If you were in teaching for the money then your are even worse than an incompetent teacher, you were a severely misguided teacher. On top of that, you must be unsatisfied with all your millions of dollars now that you make a yearly devotion to consider going back to teaching to prove everyone wrong. Please don't, however, act on your desires, as a teacher I would be alarmed to have you as a colleague and you'd probably be one of those people that goes around calling others names like "Whingers" as you put it, (oops even you made a mistake).

Finally, it seems to me your long rants about the "racist" system and standardized testing are a way to justify leaving the field without feeling guilty about it. If you're not happy teaching, you really don't need to pump yourself up into a frenzy of liberal white guilt. Just leave."

First of all I am not a liberal, liberals are pansies. Second, this country WAS founded on racism, our presidents were racist, our government didn't even let people of color vote until the second half of the last century and to this day people experience prejudice daily in thousands of manifestations. America is racist, you digg brotha? The standardized testing system is just another nuanced megalomaniac money making scheme to continue to exclude people of color/other languages from accessing the basic rights of american citizenship. I'm so sick of everyone thinking that America is the pinnacle of civilization.

Our country has a sick bloody past just like our father's the English. The minority populations, the women, the homosexuals, the children, and the disabled and elderly are the empirical strength of this country, yet they are continually shit on daily.

Also, I am happy being a teacher. I am a great teacher. I will assume that your continued lack of basic comprehension led you to think that I wanted to leave. I don't, I am a teacher, forever, in a classroom and outside of one.

I teach because I love opening young people's minds to the possibilities and power of their own hopes and dreams. I do this because this precious gift was given to me by school teachers, but more often people in my life. And obviously people like you don't help. People like you who chase paper and exist as a turning gear in the toxic machine of modern society won't help make the changes needed to make human existence on earth a harmonious and homeostatic one.

Also, I work all year long to try repair the damage previously done by the "system" so that my kids won't become another depressed, apathetic, TV watching, McDonald's cyborg. So excuse me if once a year I am slightly upset when I get reminded as to how no matter how good of a job I do there are always going to be millions of other kids that will have their hopes, dreams, and livelihood eliminated by these high stakes tests.

I will not continue this conversation through this blog forum any longer. I'm sorry to everyone else for puting you through this experience.

My readers don't deserve it and although its been fun, I would like to move on. I let it go on for a whole week for a reason though. I just wanted everyone who reads this blog to see how deep the negativity and warped sense of reality runs in the minds of people.

I don't exactly know how to close this...

I guess...Good Luck in life AC. I hope you use all that money that isn't an issue for you for something positive instead of a brand new jetski or something...please tell me you didn't get a jetski.

If you would like to continue this conversation you may email me. The address is on my PROFILE!!! EVER HEARD OF ONE?

Don't comment again.


raelena said...

haha. mr i your cool.

Panik♥ said...

haha...big fuss over "AC"? LOL...haha..
i never checked your blog in a while, so i thought of checking it now. : ]
well...on this Anonymous Commenter...
i think that person just wants attention..or his jealous of your coolness and awesomeness..
: p : ]

micah smith said...

Whoop Whoop, go Mr. I!

haha, sucka foo can't enough of yo page!
hahaha, jk..anyways..deuce!:)

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

3 student comments!!! wow! you ladies are awesome thanks for reading.

How's anchorage?

micah smith said...

It's okay. it was frikkin' hailing last night, then it snowed..but not that much.
It's getting warmer out!!!:D

Well--I already know how it is over there...huge snow drifts and slippery roads!! No point in asking...but I'll ask anyways...How is it in Mekoryuk?
hahahaa..Anyways..awesome blog!!!
Okay, later Mr. I!

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