Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Anonymous Commenter Strikes again.

Can you smell it? sniff. sniff. yep you guessed it, another cowardly offering.

Here is the latest cup of frothing cliche American attitude vomited up by the Anonymous Commenter or (AC) for short.

"First, as to the anonymous posting issue, if you don't like it, you should disable the option. It's silly to open your blog up to anonymous comments and then complain when someone uses it.

Second, I used to work in the field before I left for greener pastures years ago. Having made some money, I sometimes think about returning to the "profession" -- if only long enough to stick my head in the teachers' lounge and point out a) what a hard time most would have in the real world were performance standards are the norm and b) that if they spent half as much time preparing their lessons as they do whinging about how terrible they think it is to actually have someone check up on their students' progress, nobody would ever have to ask why little Johnny can't read."

Let me field this in two initial parts, a first, a second, and then a spastic ramble caused by the utter ridiculousness of these statements.

First, the really silly thing is commenting on people's blogs when you can't even comprehend what is being said. I think the teaching profession is lucky you moved on to greener pastures seeing as how you show repeated inability to address the important underlying meaning of written text.

teachers who don't plan their instruction are incompetent, as are the ones that complain in the teacher's lounge. But what you have just done by saying this is identified yourself as someone who has no idea what it is like to teach in a non traditional setting. My school doesn't even have a teachers lounge, my school has 29 impoverished eskimo kids who don't speak english and have no comprehension of all the societal norms that a big school with a teachers lounge would. Dude, have you ever been outside of suburbia?

But you already demonstrated that you have no idea what you are talking about because you have repeated yourself and continue to make comments without going back, re reading what I wrote and realizing that you aren't even commenting on the basic opinions of the conversation.

In fact, you sound like someone who probably didn't listen to there students.

And trust me students performance standards are much higher. Unlike a mattress or a car door, they look back at you with human tears in their eyes. Teachers don't make "stuff" they make people, and as soon as parents get "performance" standards as they spend the other 6 hours of waking life with the kid, then you can start sticking that argument to teachers. We can't control the emotional baggage these kids bring with them to school.

But, I refuse to get checked up on by the white ruling anarchy of American thought for teaching a kid something pointless when on top of it the students often show up to the test malnourished, under slept, mentally and physically abused and living in a toxic environment of alcoholism or drug abuse at home (family conditions brought about by your industry standards no doubt). You tell me how someone who works in industry has to work with stoned machinery or parts that show up to work and punch a wall because they were punched by their alcoholic machine father.

I don't think you know what you are talking about.

How long ago did you leave teaching ? How long ago has it been since you tried to teach someone in the bullshit environment of this american school system?

REMEMBER, you left teaching, probably because it was too hard.

But hey I'm glad you made money, because that's the most important thing in the world right? I'd like to leave for greener pastures too, but mine would be actual pastures with soil and grass and life, not a plump bank account.

...and lastly, I have comment moderation on this blog, my blog by the way, which allows me the choice to include your comments or not, I have allowed it the last couple days because you serve as a perfect counterpoint to my arguments as you are of the mindset of the same thinking that has created an entire nation of depressed, robot, prozac popping, chemically dependent, keeping up with the jones', lemmings. So thank you for being you, and proving my point by simply talking.

I will continue to allow your comments as long as they stay as pointless as they have been so far because it doesn't hurt me and it gives me more entry points into dissecting exactly what it is that is fundamentally wrong with the world, or you could try opening yourself up to the possibility of trying to comment something other then drivel.

This is Radiate Warmth, but I think you're getting burned.


Anonymous said...

This Anonymous character is a smug little twit and I don't think you even need to give his/her comments the dignity of a response. As you noted before -- the first comment didn't even seem to address what you had actually said in your posting. Radiate your own warmth -- we need people to do more of that to counter balance all those who radiate negativity, Anonymous included.

Anonymous said...

In your rush to hate on America you've apparently assumed I am an American and that I work in the United States. I suppose it fits in with your world view that since America is the source of everything bad it's the only country that uses standardized testing.

Still, it's amusing when those who spend so much time criticizing others for being culturally insensitive turn around and do the very same thing themselves.

I left teaching not because it was particularly hard (it's not) but because it did not pay enough. I've since done well enough for myself financially that I need not worry about money matters now. So when I read the yearly rants about standardized testing, I'm tempted to return to the "profession" just to show all the whingers that, when done properly, it's not nearly as difficult as they make it out to be.

Finally, it seems to me your long rants about the "racist" system and standardized testing are a way to justify leaving the field without feeling guilty about it. If you're not happy teaching, you really don't need to pump yourself up into a frenzy of liberal white guilt. Just leave.

suzyeQzee said...

burnt to a crisp!

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

suzye was referring to you being burnt to a crisp you ignoramus.

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