Friday, April 10, 2009

Overalls Friday and Weekend Goals

We made it. State testing week is over. Enough said I think.

Again I do apologize for the week of bickering here on the blog, but I think that some things needed to be said.

This weekend I'm looking forward to some sleep time hopefully. I've been staying up late this week practicing ukulele, talking on the phone and eating Vanilla yogurt with hand picked tundra berries and granola. We are running out of propane (as a village we are out, but me and my neighbor still have a little left). This will put a dent in my tea drinking as I heat my water with a teapot (no microwave). I still have a buttload of berries that I picked left and I am trying to figure out how I will eat them all (and my trout too).

Yesterday, I got an amazing care package from my baby Sydney in the mail complete with some great mix cd's, honey sticks, gourmet milk chocolate mix, a cool leather wrist wallet thing that I love, and two guided meditation cd's (one I did twice last night, so amazing!) a letter and photos. Despite both of us having rather frustrating weeks I'm still feeling great due mostly to her positivity. She picks me up when I'm feeling low.

I also got to skype with my best bud Randall on Oly. We shot the shit good and dead. We talked about music and summer and stupid stuff. It was great, I can't wait to be hangin out again.

Other goals for this weekend are to talk to my mom and dad tonight and hopefully talk to my brother soon. He's been in Germany and Austria (getting Austriacized hehe) and I have only caught fleeting glimpses of him. I MISS YOU BROTHER!

Also, it dawned on me that I will be gone from this northern experience in almost a month.

35 days...whoa. I need to start packing. Tomorrow, sleep in, pack, eat berries, love life.

I've been overwhelmed with amazing new music so expect a music centric Weekend Update on Sunday. So much good free tunes out there (thanks to Brian's advice, you rule brother).

I hope you all had a good week and aren't soured on Radiate Warmth, I haven't really lived up to my blog name this week. I'm not perfect, people piss me off too. Let's all get some rest and try again on monday ok?

Love y'all.


Corinna said...

I checked out Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I like it! It's quite uplifting.

I'm curious which blog comment you were talking about as I usually find myself to be quite humorous, whether or not other people see it too!

PS. Looking forward to the music post!

Panik♥ said...

nOOOOoooo mr i!!
don't leave!!
haha i joke.
well...aren'tcha gonna miss your ''how-many-eth home?"
i know everybody will miss ya.
: ]
well later

ms. cugno to some said...

Holy Shnikees, I just caught up on yer blog here, and what a week! I’m sorry I couldn’t jump in and kick some anonymous (/oblivious/affront to the teaching “profession”) ass, as clearly she/he, as a whinger (from the UK?), could use a little more common sense bombardment, and probably always will. I would have liked to get in on that, not that I enjoy a fight...
But anyway, since teaching isn’t hard, you should have a lot of extra time to just live it up for your last month there, not worrying at all about your students or their future well being or education or anything else that silly teachers might have on their minds day and night. Sorry to reference the AC after it's been turned off, I couldn't help myself, being the fool that I am (I must be, to want to remain a part of such a so called profession), and thanks for steering things clear.

looking forward to the music. good luck this week.

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