Monday, March 9, 2009

SNOW My GOD and March Photos

So its been a snowy March here on Nunivak Island. This photo to the right was only a couple of weeks ago. Mind you we are elevated about 7 feet in the air already. I was really proud of these nice snow steps I carved.

I mean just look at the poor school truck all boxed in by the snow. If you Can believe it it would only get worse.

Then only a couple of days later we got hit with some snow and had to dig a little corridor out to sneak up the stairs(to the left). This little passageway served us very very well for a whole week...until...

Until this last weekend and Kablammo sucka! A weird wind blew all this new snow up and filled our entire porch with a sizable snowdrift. Nothing like waking up sunday morning and realizing you got a lot of digging to do before you make it anywhere for the day. Here is a picture of my mud room entrance before we started digging out.

The Problem then became that there wasn't any hard ground underneath the snow, we ended up having use the frozen run off area of the roof too walk down. You can see our little trail to the right against the outer wall of the house.

And what do you do after a hard day of snow digging? You go and have some musk ox soup, reindeer ribs, and musk ox pot roast at the church funraiser with good friends like mr. arty here. Add some corn, bread, and rice and you pretty much got enough to stuff yourself sick. I love musk ox. I'm not as fond of reindeer. And I love soups and stews!

Upon returning you remember that there used to be a school truck, and now their isn't one...or is there! Look Closely and You can make our the front fender and the sideview mirror!

Well its definitely March Snow Showers on the rock. Will it ever stop?

I can feel spring coming but its up against some competition from a cranky old man winter!

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Chrissy said...

it's still snowing in Tacoma too, if you can believe that. Thank you George Bush & Global Warming if you ask me. (they so should have called it Global Cooling)... i'm very impatiently waiting for the weather to warm up so i can go dig around in my dirt and plant a garden! i've got like 200 seedlings in the house waiting for spring to show up. i think it's spring fever. ha!

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