Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notes on Life

Turned in my official "Employee Resignation" today.

I also told my high school students. They were really quiet about it. Although they are sad, I think we will be ok. One of my students said after school, "It feels like you're leaving tomorrow..."

We played garbage ball indoor soccer today in PE. I spread about 15 carboard boxes out across the gym as "in play" obstacles and a garbage can in the center worth 5 goals if the ball went inside. We lost 11 to 8. It was really fun.

Tomorrow I will fly into Bethel for Camai and to give a presentation at ME School on the use of Smartboards in the classroom. Apparently there will be some resistance as many teachers might be hostile towards technology! It will test my devastating charm and sharp wit for sure.

I will take lots of pictures and spend a lot of time with friends as this will most likely be the last time I see most of them for a very very long time.

Its funny, when I hadn't thought of coming home before, I despised going into Bethel. Not the people, I love the people, I just can't get over the skeezy feeling, the dirt, the crappy inservices. Now that this will be the last time I get to hang out in Bethel I wonder if I'll look at it differently. Maybe drunks outside of the AC will be cute and loveable instead of desperate and depressing, maybe the mudslung over charging cabs and taxi's will have gotten a new wash job and will drop me off where I want to go without stopping to pick up 5 other people first, maybe, the garbage will have magically gotten picked up in front of peoples yards, and maybe all the abandoned buildings will get fixed.

Or maybe I'll just miss this wonderful trashy little town with wonderfully untrashy friends.

Only time will tell.

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