Friday, March 27, 2009

Bethel Successful

Its Friday! I finished 3 rounds of presentations to the ME school on practical and possible uses of Smartboards in the classroom. People seemed to really enjoy learning about a new technology tool that they may get to use in the near future.

On non work related issues. Bethel is nice. Sunny, crisp, covered in snow and ice. I am definitely gonna miss this little shit stain of a town. The people hear are fantastic. I will miss them. Hopefully we won't lose touch. The people are the source of this places charm.

Last night however, there was some very peculiar activity afoot. At about 1 am as I was struggling to fall asleep when from outside the apartment where I lay on the couch a thumping, drunkin, screaming and yelling penetrated the walls. Banging on doors, slamming walls, and jiggling handles of doors.

Simply put it was a rather drunk eskimo man trying to get in next door, the drunk man was not being allowed in and tried to come into our apartment. As Erin and Sadie and Angie started to wake up I was waiting inside the door.

"This ain't what your lookin for brother, you need to go home and quit trying to come in we don't know you" I said in as deep and scary of a voice as I could muster.

"Malflsdfhlsjhlk what whoo yu sdl;aslkdjf;ls" Mumbled the drunk guy.

So we called the cops. Big props to the 2 min response time, nicely done Bethel PD. The officer promptly went upstairs, questioned the man, who did not know his name or where he was, cuffed him nicely and gently, and took him down town to warm up and figure out what had happened to his life.

Oh Bethel, you charmer you, I love you.

Today I ate some restaurant food with real people my age. I do miss this simple activity of life.

Tonight I will simply do something I forgot people do. Its this thing, a novel concept really, its called "hangin out" or "chillin" as the kids say these days.

Tomorrow I have big day of shopping planned. Groceries and craft supplies, yarn, stuff to make poi, and some new headphones as mine took a shat yesterday.

Tomorrow night maybe some Camai native dance festival viewing and more "chillin" then I return home.

I was happy to hear that my kids were good in my absence today. They've come a long way, as have I.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sooo looking at your events and dates....I noticed you guys will be back on the 22nd.
Xavier is playing at the Showbox on the 29th of go on sale tomorrow....Saturday....

We are in for sure!!!! I sent the 4-1-1 to Hal, but not sure when he will read!!! Just thought I would give you the heads up!!!

So excited for you guys to come home!!!

Lots of love-
C, J, A and M Wicks

Randall H. Sloot said...

Sounds like an episode of cops. Did they do an Alaskan cops? From the way you describe it, such an episode could prove interesting.

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