Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Values test

Today as part of the "Career Exploration" VTC/Polycom (via tv internet with Bethel) class that I monitor during my planning period the two senior boys took a values survey. Basically you answer like 100 questions and then add up specific ones and compare them on a graph (not unlike a survey in Cosmo actually). So I decided to take the survey with the guys and see where I stood with my "values" in life.

Each score is from 1-100 (100 being something that you care about greatly)

Below the average score:
Fame: 57
Money: 53
Religion: 62
Health: 34

At or above Average:
Power: 60
Humanitarianism: 81
Family: 80
Social Contact: 80

Well above Average:
Aesthetics: 88
Creativity: 92

Analysis: I'm happy that apparently I don't care about fame and money or my health(although I want to be a musician someday). The health score was really low because I used to smoke and I haven't been to the doctor in a while (although a couple questions about yoga could have helped me). I think my religion score was low because the questions were Christian-like and I'm more "spiritual" than religious.

It doesn't surprise me that humanitarianism, family and social contact were high because those are all things that I really care about. But they were high for the average person too.

But the thing that I was pumped about is the aesthetics and creativity scores being 35-40 points above the average. I do believe that I appreciate beauty in lots of things, especially art, music, literature, films and most importantly Nature. And I spend a lot of time creating everyday. Not just blogging or writing music. It takes a lot of creativity and especially improvisational creativity to be an effective teacher.

I know its a corny little test but I'm glad that it confirms some things that I unknowingly believed in. Family, friends, compassion, creativity and appreciating beauty in life. Not bad values for anyone to have right?

If I could give you this survey I would (but its in PDF and totally from the 80's). But If you were gonna take a test on those specific values what do you think you would score out of a hundred?

I'd be really interested in how you would rate these values for your own life.

Fame (recognition)
Money (wealth)
Power (muhahaha)
Religion (spirituality)
Humanitarianism (help a brother out)
Social Contact (little help from my friends)
Aesthetics (the beauty in life)
Creativity (letting your soulshine!)
Health (keeping your temple clean)

Let me know, peace homies.

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jessie40oz said...

that's interesting, this is my value meter .....

1. Social Contact
2. Health
3. Humanitarianism
4. Aesthetics
5. Creativity
6. Power
7. Money
8. Religion
9. Fame

This is how

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