Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cranky Pants McGee's

Not much to report today. The kids were so cranky and sleepy and totally pissing me off. I tried to figure out if it was me. Then I realized that every level of kid, junior high, high school, boys, girls, they all were pretty much (excluding a few of my all-star kids) lazy, cranky, and sometimes really rude and hurtful.

PE SPORTS REPORT: The Native Tigers slaughtered the favored Mean Machine 10-4 in the second Day of the Tournament of Champions. Over all hustle, defense, and teamwork led the Tigers to the Indoor Soccer Match upset win although the two goals in the first 30 seconds didn't hurt. Once again several members of the Mean Machine gave up too early and thus gave away their pride freely. Even with an extra player as a sub and a power play opportunity they just seemed to lack that essential quality that makes a championship caliber Junior Eskimo Indoor Soccer Club. The competition remained fierce and several soccer balls to the face caused tensions to flair. The game ended without incident.

In GOOD news. They just announced the line up for the 8th Annual Northwest String Summit July 17-19 this summer! I'm so pumped that Del McCoury is gonna be there along with Yonder, so awesome! I hope Keller Williams signs on again as well as some of the Leftover Salmon Crew that was great. I'll keep you posted.

And thats about it. Oh I played 4 games to 15 at adult open gym basketball last night, and boy, am I sore. I played pretty good though for not having played in two months. I'm not much of a baller if you know what I mean. I have no outside shot, I can only dribble with my right, and I get winded easily. I am pretty good at stealing the ball, passing, defense and especially fast breaks.

...what a boring post. Sorry.

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