Thursday, February 5, 2009

With Great Power...

Comes Great Responsibility. Since the other high school teacher is gone, our principle is leaving tonight and all our discipline stuff happens on the high school end I am officially the SITE ADMINISTRATOR (principal) tomorrow.


Everyone will be suspended by noon.

No homework? SUSPENDED.
Frowny Face? SUSPENDED
Listening to crappy rap music? SUSPENDED!
Don't want to watch Karate Kid? SUSPENDED!
Peed your pants? SUSPENDED!


No no no. I'm juss jokin me friends. No suspensions hopefully.

In fact we are going to start something very very very exciting next week. Positivity Club (name is subject to change). But Basically we are going to gather a few select students together each week and work on making the school more pleasant, positive and beautiful looking. We are going to put up positive quotes and decorations, do nice things for people, and try to recognize people doing a good job. I'm SO excited. Its like Student Council minus the government part, Student Art Society minus the chaos, and youthgroup minus jesus. Its going to be rad.

I'll let you all know how it goes.



alisha said...

funny post...your positivity club sounds cool and it's so good to hear you be excited about your job. what's your school mascot? maybe you could come up with a name that includes that. That would be the happiness herders or something. Does this mean maybe another year? it looks like there are going to be a ton of positions opening here at BRHS! We got the best of both worlds here, Kale!

suzyeQzee said...

Man, sign me up for the positivity club..

serialstar said...

positivity club! Man that's rad! Also, have you heard TV on the Radio?

Beth said...

Totally childish, but fun. You guys should make warm fuzzies.

It's a neat way to build community. Make it like a random act of kindness. It's your job to pass along the warm fuzzy to someone who looks like they could use it without letting them know who gave it to them.

This is how to make them:

And apparently there is an "original story" (maybe that's where my mom got it from):

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