Friday, February 6, 2009

Overalls Friday Poem

I wrote this late last night as I lay awake thinking about all the struggling kids trying to get by out there. This one is for you.

"Its what ya been made for"

Hey kid it ain’t that easy.
Nobody gonna give it to ya.
They won’t let you have it
Just like that.
Its all there for ya and
Ya just gotta reach out
Take a chance on it.
Put ya’self out there.
Stretch right for it.
And don’t forget to breathe.

Ya know,
It ain’t easy for the old ones?
They were young ones too,
And now they tryin
To let ya know.
The ticking time crept up
And got them. So
Believe it sonny boy.
It’ll get ya soon enough.
Ya’are a time virgin.
So go on ahead tenderfoot.
It’ll come for ya anyway.
Gotta open up though,
And let in what it is.
In that big old world
That has few plain secrets
And infinite
Spectacular truths,
It will return what ya give,
And what have ya done.
Where will ya go?
Are ya facing the sun?
Are ya heading on home?

Hey kid wake up!
Its all goin on around ya.
Ya missing the show.
Ya been given them arms.
Ya been given that heart.
Ya been given that mind.
Ya been given that start.
What ya gonna do
With all a that soul?
Cry pound stray?
Hide and run away?
You can dance,
You can pray,
You may go
And Take a stand,
Or ya can stay.
Whatever ya do though,
Do it right.

Always give it all ya got.
Ya know they say
Nothin’s better’n that?
How can ya not see
All this prospect,
And potential energy?
Ya so immaculate,
Perfect just the way ya is.
Uncharted world before ya,
And the butterflies
Mean it’s just about time
Ya set forth and get on
And live life.
It’s the only one
They gave ya.

Ya father made ya.
Ya mother molded ya.
And if they left ya nothin’
Then ya gotta give em
That one.
They was just tryin
If they stayed,
Then you gotta let em
Keep on tryin.
Ya go on now.
Be a wise old owl.
Be wobbled doe.
Be the marathon runner
Of ya own show.
It won’t get easier.
It won’t stay hard.
It’ll just keep goin on
Till there ain’t no more.

How ya wanna be then?
Lookin back over ya shoulder
At a long crooked road?
Arm in arm?
Or all alone?
It’s your call.
It’s all ya’ll ever know.
It’s all around ya.
Where’d ya go?
How’d ya make it?
When it mattered most
Did ya make the choice
Or forget to glow?
Bring up ya’self!
Give up ya’self !
Love all else,
Or don’t.

But we out here,
The livin’ ones.
And we’re gonna get ya,
If ya don’t get ya’self first.
We’ll swoop ya up.
We’ll rock ya sideways,
Back and forth.
And if that don’t work,
We’ll shake ya up.
Break down them walls
That holdin ya down.
Snap them chains
That strappin ya low.
We see the light.
We see the wonder.
And we want ya
On our team you know?
We want ya
To put that black away.
We here to make a change.
We gonna love ya
Any way.
We gonna keep on.
That’s what we do.
The living roots
Of the biggest tree.
The downy feathers
Of the mother goose.
The patch on ya jeans.
We can do it too.

Come on kid!
Join us!
Ya want to.
What ya afraid of?
Ya got the power
To be anything.
Ya can be a beacon.
Ya can be a tower.
Ya can be a shelter.
Ya can be a flower.
Ya can be something.
But ya gotta want it.
It ain’t easy.
Ya know that don’t ya.
We know that.
We all know that.
Ya can do it.
So lift up ya’self.
Look around
And do it!
It’s the only right thing.
It’s the only thing.
Its what ya been made for


hdt said...

This is great. I think even "the old ones" (I'm 30) need to hear this once in a while. Very nice job.

Susan Iverson said...

I really like this. You have so many talents. I am hoping we can talk this weekend. Happy Friday!

Allen said...

Dude thanks for telling me..
Hahaha I just got done writing now.. Well like 2 minutes ago.. Check it out!

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