Monday, February 9, 2009

One Year of Radiate Warmth

Its been just over a year and a half since I started this blog. I started the ClustrMap site visitor tracker (on the toolbar to the right) this exact day a year ago (when I saw it on Alisha's Blog) and since then the site has received over 9,600 visits and hits. And While over 8000 of those visits have come from our very own US of A, the remaining 1600 have come from all over the world (partly because of my awesome worldly friends but also because of many many new fans and readers). Check out the list below and see just how many zany countries there are out there and how much this little web log has grown. Personally I get a real deep sense of wonder when I read the numbers below. I just can't think why anyone from so far away would be interested! Thanks LISH for the good ideas over the years and for letting me directly steal this post idea from you.

THANK YOU SO MUCH READERS! I love you and am constantly amazed by your hearts and interests.


United States (US)8,090
United Kingdom (GB)200
Canada (CA)134
New Zealand (NZ)130
Australia (AU)116
Germany (DE)100
Japan (JP)74
Italy (IT)45
Romania (RO)45
Poland (PL)39
France (FR)34
Netherlands (NL)33
Brazil (BR)29
India (IN)29
Turkey (TR)28
Spain (ES)21
Norway (NO)19
Hungary (HU)18
Sweden (SE)18
Denmark (DK)17
Europe (EU)17
Austria (AT)16
Czech Republic (CZ)16
Philippines (PH)15
Mexico (MX)14
Belgium (BE)13
Greece (GR)12
Taiwan (TW)11
South Africa (ZA)11
Russian Federation (RU)11
China (CN)10
Switzerland (CH)10
Chile (CL)9
Ireland (IE)9
Indonesia (ID)8
Finland (FI)8
Egypt (EG)8
Bulgaria (BG)7
Portugal (PT)7
Ukraine (UA)7
Singapore (SG)7
Colombia (CO)7
Croatia (HR)7
Slovakia (SK)6
Estonia (EE)6
Lithuania (LT)6
Slovenia (SI)6
Serbia (RS)6
Israel (IL)6
Malaysia (MY)6
Korea, Republic of (KR)5
Thailand (TH)5
Peru (PE)5
Cote D'Ivoire (CI)4
Hong Kong (HK)4
United Arab Emirates (AE)4
Bahrain (BH)4
Algeria (DZ)4
Argentina (AR)4
Mongolia (MN)3
Saudi Arabia (SA)3
Vietnam (VN)3
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)3
Tunisia (TN)3
Georgia (GE)3
Jamaica (JM)3
Pakistan (PK)3
Latvia (LV)3
Kenya (KE)2
Uruguay (UY)2
Costa Rica (CR)2
Guatemala (GT)2
Dominican Republic (DO)2
Malta (MT)2
Ecuador (EC)1
Nepal (NP)1
Qatar (QA)1
Iraq (IQ)1
Lebanon (LB)1
Iceland (IS)1
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY)1
Palestinian Territory (PS)1
Bolivia (BO)1
Macedonia (MK)1
Oman (OM)1
Bangladesh (BD)1
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)1
Yemen (YE)1
Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI)1
Guam (GU)1
Kazakstan (KZ)1
Venezuela (VE)1
Nicaragua (NI)1
Burkina Faso (BF)1
Aruba (AW)1
Puerto Rico (PR)1


Ken said...

How in the world did those folks in China access your blog? My friends there have tried again and again and the site is always blocked.

alisha said...

No problem, Kale!

We miss you out here in Bethel!

Anonymous said...

crazy wicks crew

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