Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday + Tuesday = Muesday from hell.

So today myself and another colleague covered 3 absent teacher's classes ALL DAY and taught the whole school combined together into two rooms. Let me tell you some of the realizations I had.

Changing schedules on kids F**KS with their heads. We put them through routines every day, all day, we get them into grooves and don't you ever go changing it on them or its the end of the world as they know it.

I had always thought that I want to teach elementary again someday...I might rethink that after today. What a bunch of friggin BABIES! I mean seriously all I asked you to do was fold a paper hamburger style dude, get it together, its not worth a tantrum at the wise old age of 10.

I loved asking a high school student who constantly has focus and attention problems to help keep a little kid on task who was all over the place and not working. He was like "How am I gonna do that?" I said "I don't know buddy, welcome to my world." He instantly got it, wow.

I love how confronting it is for "hard" "manly" "alpha-male" personalities to be forced to help little kids, there is something so wonderful about the power of little doe eyed youngsters have on breaking down teen agers fronts. I'm gonna keep that in mind for a long time.

I'm about to fall over from exhaustion (and dealing with frustrating Europe trip ticket problems). I'll be at home totally glued to my couch because I'm gonna need my rest in preparation for this crazy week ahead. Lots of tea and Tiger tonight.

Oh also, It is confirmed, I am presenting on "What Self Determination Means In the Rural Alaska" on Sunday at the ASSEC pre-conference this weekend. So excited/nervous to be presenting to a group of my peers, its been a while.

Also, I guess there is a name for this perpetual phlegm/cold/sickness that many of us Bush folks have gotten, one friend referred to it as the "Bethel Crud." Its such a perfect name. I was fine until I got out of Bethel on my way home, besides, I blame Bethel for everything. But apparently lots of people just get this nagging sickness that sticks around all winter until they leave. I hope mine goes away before that because my malnourished body needs some meat on the bones or I'm gonna start looking worrysome. Our secretary was gone all last week and when I saw here today she said "YOU LOOK THIN ARE YOU LOSING WEIGHT?" I was like sheesh I really need to eat a can of lard I guess because I'm at like 159 now which means I've lost like 16 + lbs since Christmas. Yikes.

I feel good today though. And I hope you do to.

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Anonymous said...

hey now, don't trash talk my little peeps out there!!! u probably scared them... they are very loyal to their teacher even if they don't like them, you have to win them over....be nice....smile at them....sit on the floor with them.....then they are full of hugs!!!
i had a wake up calling going from 10-11 yrs old down to 6-7 yr olds. i had a good time with them at the older level, they could actually care on a conversation...other than sponge bob, etc.

growth experience...we love you!!! :O)

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