Friday, January 2, 2009 over? Really?

Man I can't believe break is over, I mean I just can't believe it, I knew it was going to be short, but this was just too short. I'm not ready to go back, I'm not. I don't want to, I want to stay here in the messed up world.

Despite my one post that was awful, but momentarily truthful, I had a great break.


Late Night Denny's with Fam night of arrrival and the harrowing car ride home
Christmas shopping with my brother and dad
Christmas Eve Party with the fam (that could come)
Christmas morning with mom, dad, hal, and the grams.
Amazing presents receiveing and giving
Brothers Graduation Party
Tacoma Nights out with Sean and Mike
1:45 am Frisko Freeze
Good Coffee
Magical Sandwich Makers "Gyros"
Gas Prices under a dollar a gallon
Bowling at the "Hi-Joy" in Port Orchard with the gang
The incredible Late night Old School Uke/Guitar Jam with Steve that followed!
Cleaning the house to reggae with Randy like old times
New Years Eve at Randy and Suzye's, syd's cool gifts, and the Rice Fight.
Hanging out the next morning
Falling asleep by the fireplace at my parents house


Getting thrown up on preflight from Anchorage to Seattle by a Colfax farmer lady who had too much red wine and french fries at the Chili's Express Airport Bar (don't worry I will do an entire short story post on this encounter later)
The weather, while mild in Alaska, crippled many facets of life for Washingtonians this winter
My ailing ignition column in the Subaru...I'll fix you when I get back sarge!
Cell Phone Batteries (annooooooying)
Cat Shit enough said
The Mall, my god people are you completely insane
The F***ing Toll Booth on the New Bridge (except the hobbity toll guy he was cool)
Being lonely in a big city

So tomorrow morning at 8 am I fly back to Alaska, back to another world.

I'm totally not ready to teach on Monday, no Idea what I'm gonna teach at all and no idea what the weather is like up there. I don't have any groceries either. And, unfortunately after this little break, no insurance or assurance as to what my next move will be for the future. My prospect for a new position isn't finalized and I won't know until April what is going on with that.

But I have a resolution. To make this next semester as good as possible. No matter what is going on life you can't take it out on the kids, you gotta show up everyday and give them your best because their lives depend on it. I have a feeling that everything will work out one way or another and usually how its supposed to.

So until I return to the land of such little stimuli that I am able to blog daily, have a good new year and I'll be seeing you all from my northern outpost soon (hopefully).

Happy new year,



Syd said...

I can't believe it's THAT time either. Happy New year! It was SO good to see you for a little while. Rock n' Roll up there in AK Kale-poo.xo


Vicki said...

Wow, you're already headed back.


I forget how short other site's breaks are. Kasigluk's 1/2 Moravian and 1/2 Orthodox, so we get something like 3 weeks off so they can celebrate both calendars, including Chirstmas, Slaviq, and both calendars' new year.

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