Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm not Sad Anymore

Sorry for that depressing post, I'm feeling better, my friend Randy is back in town and we are chillin.

New Years Eve tomorrow, a small affair with Randy, Suzye, Syd, Bekah, Nick, Chris and a few others possibly, the theme being "Freaks and Geeks"

If appropriate pictures are available they will be shown for you all to laugh at.

Have a safe and fun new year and remember, drinking and driving is totally whack!


Colby said...

Happy New Year Kale! So many years...Hope this is a good one for you..Cheers, Colby

serialstar said...
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John said...
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The Piz said...

Happy New Year Kale,

I always appreciate your posts and most certainly the insight you have to offer. Stay up my friend, as a fellow colleague working with challenging youth in a foreign land (figuratively though in my situation, the land that is, not the challenging youth) the good energy your providing continues to reap many o' karmic reward in life. Have a great 2009


serialstar said...

this is completely unrelated to this past blog...although I am glad to hear that a sad person is no longer unhappy...I stumbled into your blog world and really enjoy your music/ musical tastes. So, I had read that you were thinking about learning some new tunes:
Usher "Nice and Slow"
LFO "Summertime Girls"
TQ "Westide Till I Die"
just curious to how they're coming along...I think it would be hilarious to hear mellow versions of them...
Have you heard of Richard Bruckner?

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