Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday versus the Madness

Well first day back in school was a complete shit-nami, I had to haul in the jib so it didn't get covered in shit. Student schedules weren't really finished in the office, 4 out of 15 students were gone, my classroom was in shambles, and I was trying to juggle all sorts of responsibilities and new classes. I finally did what I normally do (oh pity me) and took charge of things not generally under my already ridiculous veil of responsibility. I stole the schedule out of the office, copied them, fixed them, cut them and handed them out. Crisis ended peace and serenity across the land. Madness zero, Kale one.

Amidst the fury I snapped a poor little guy when he snatched at my papers for his schedule. I told him if he did it again he was going to the office and I think I really hurt his feelings, poor little guy, I apologized later and I think we are cool. Madness one, Kale one.

Our Principal, bless his heart, was super sick today, couldn't barely talk, and all his classes were missing a little extra guidance as he was heroically trying to put the school back together again, so I stepped in and slammed a awesome "person centered planning" assignment in their face. Madness one, Kale two.

Then something miraculous happened during 7th period Health. A cell phone went off. Thats right, a freaking cell phone. I was not only shocked but I was also amused that I have influenced the students tastes so much that his ring tone was Jamie Lidell's "Another Day." I have to be honest, I was really really amused and shocked by this little moment. I mean I used to have to deal with this constantly in the lower 48 but you have no idea how surreal it was to have it happen in bush Alaska on an Eskimo island in the Bering Sea. How funny! Madness two, Kale two.

So it ended in a tie, me and the monday...Kinda, there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on in my life that may tip the score heavily in favor of Madness but I'm gonna go write a song about it and you can hear that one when its done.

Regardless, it was a good day back, it was good to see my kids too, we are so short handed this week it hardly feels like real school.

I hope your life feels good today and for the rest of the week too!

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