Thursday, January 8, 2009

Strep by Strep, Day By Day

Last night I drifted in and out of various levels of cold medicine sedation all the while my iHome stereo supplied a psychedelic soundtrack for my dreams with all three Air albums (Moon Safari, Talkie Walkie and 10,000 Hz Legend). Needless to say I awoke wrecked and confused.

So you guys think I go strep huh? Only about 10% of sore throats are caused from the strep bacteria, the rest are viral and just have to run their coarse.

Even if I have strep, I'm gonna wait a couple days before douching my body with unnecessary antibiotics. According to WebMD The strep usually clears itself in 3 to 7 days with or with out antibiotics. Antibiotics speed up the process but at the cost of possibly destroying lots of beneficial bacteria and antibodies in my body.

The Main problem is my painful voice. It is absolutely impossible for me to not talk during the school day. The rest of the treatment for sore throat is just to relieve the pain, thats all I can do. Soup and tea and soft foods and pain relievers, thats about it. Lots of fluids and rest.

So now that it is before 3 and parent teacher conferences are over, I'm going to go home and relax. I think there is a going to be a great football game for the BCS national college football championship on tv tonight between University of Florida Gators and their poster child Tim Tebow and the Under appreciated Oklahoma Sooners and their ridiculous offensive onslaught.

I know I may appear to be a hippie on the surface from time to time, but one big secret about me is that I am crazy nuts about college football (but not any other sports at all really). I just hope the game is good, its been a really boring and poorly matched bowl season this yea r.

Time for some me time, its been a hard, exhausting, stressful week and I really just need to feel better physically so that mentally I can improve my outlook on life. Everyone around me is sick with a different kind of cold (coworkers, students), I just really want to get better and avoid the rest.

Also, Thanks to the Ort Report for introducing me to the musical Artist "Chinese Man" it has been the only thing keeping me alive made this week.

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Reese-E said...

And what about college basketball, mister?? We played Cal last night. It wasn't on TV but you can always listen on the Internet! ;)

Feel better soon!

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