Friday, January 9, 2009

Overalls Friday

What a weird week. Drifting in and out of various states of medication and sedation, a new schedule, lots of sick missing students, apathetic school atmosphere, parent teacher conference half days with 40% parent attendance, its almost unreal, I feel like nothing happened this week. I feel like it was a pointless week that robbed me of time I could have spent with my friends and family in Washington.

My new schedule is really easy at least, to the point where I feel bad about it.

1st period: Junior High Science with 4 girls (2 7th grade, 2 9th grade)
2nd period: Special Ed Support/Senior Writing Workshop/Elective Web Design with two students
3rd period: Pre-Algebra with 4 high School girls (VTC Algebra assist also)
4th period: Junior High Math Fundementals with two 7th grade girls (VTC assist also)
5th Period Earth Science with 10 High Schoolers
6th Period Planning
7th Period Health Team teach whole high school (14 students)
8th Period Health Team teach whole high school (14 students)

I can officially stop complaining about my workload because its not bad.

I can complain about other things although I think I'll let it rest today.

I've progressed into a new stage of sickness. While I'm learning to live with the constant sore throat, I've started a bit of a cough. I'm still baffled that I've gotten sick again. I can't remember the last time I got sick twice in one year. All the air travel might have had something to do with it maybe.

I really should buckle down and do some work this weekend towards my Alaska certification and other things, although I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to leave my room all weekend. I'm just really hoping that I'll be better by Monday because this illness is getting stupid.

I hope you all have a restful weekend and I'll see you all on Sunday for the update.


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alisha said...

Hey Kale...Can you hook me up with the name of that guy who you traded sand with? I have some extra from Hawaii that I thought I could send and am hoping he might have some that i'm lookin for. Let me know! Hope you feel better! Planning a trip to Btown anytime soon? Did you get my message about Avery's new Ukulele? He would love it if you could show him a few things!

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