Friday, January 16, 2009

Jesus, is it Overalls Friday Already or what?

Nothing like a STAFF MEETING on "Lesson Planning" protocol to put a shiny gold star on the end of an otherwise great week. Luckily it seems staff meetings are generally frustrating across most industries world wide. (although I've been in cool ones)

In other news, great news actually, I'm gonna go to Anchorage Feb. 13th-22nd for the Alaska Special Educators Conference again this year. SOOOOOO PUMPED! (I hate to think of flying over the Bering Sea on a Friday the 13th though).

Weekend Agenda: Vicks Vapo Rub (lots of it), Sleep (12 hours a night), Drink a buttload of Apple juice, Write a new song, Play some Tiger Woods golf on XBox (my character looks like a wizard), Plan out my week of class, clean my classroom (its a wreck), write the weekend update, wax my luscious mustache, watch the season premiere of "Big Love" on Sunday on Showtime, order groceries (weather pending), and bake a batch of cookies. I'll update you on my achievement of these goals sunday night.

Please please please have a great weekend friendos!


Susan Iverson said...

So, I want to thank you for the comment on flying over the Bering Sea on Friday 13th. I will be on pins and needles all day. Sounds like your weekend will be busy with the mundane chores of daily life but isn't that comforting sometimes? You don't always have to do something earth shattering to prove your worth in the world. We will talk to you this weekend. Love, mom

Allen said...

haha.. yeah, I'm starting to write in my blog again..
Well about like my Daily life.. It's a little bit boring, but it fun typing.. So I write in my blog.. Later kale..

serialstar said...

yay for Big Love!

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