Thursday, January 15, 2009

Workin' So Hard For the Money.

Well, it has been a week for the books. Due to well paired classes this semester, missing destructive personalities, and an overall attitude of serenity, school has been hard working, productive, positive and (despite my continually ailing health) not only bearable but actually enjoyable at times. I feel like its a totally different school this semester. Classes are chill, kids are amiable, and with the new improved math classes I'm actually finding that I really enjoy teaching Pre-Algebra to junior high and freshman.

I was afraid this would happen. As soon as I figured out what I wanted to do next, this experience would start to drastically improve. Its a long semester yet though.

In health related news, I've taken a turn for the worse, my cough has moved far down my bronchial tree and the evil goo that is being wrought forth deep from within my soul this morning was so dark and so horrifyingly green that I may consider (consider) discussing my health with a professional. I have another couple days to consider because the weather is so bad in Bethel that it doesn't really matter if my arm got severed off, I'm not going anywhere.

In closing, I learned that the Cup'ig word for phlegm is "Nuak"

So there's a little tidbit for you.


Anonymous said...

I like the word nuak. It will be the word for the day. Ohh, you will be getting a pkg from us (and my students). In reading we have been talking about winter, weather, penguins, snow, ice bergs and even Alaska. Maddie (who is in my reading class) suggested we (as a class) write to you. So, the kids have been working on questions and designing their own postcards (not bad for first grade). Anyhoo, it should be a hoot for you and your kids! :O)

Lots of love,
we are counting down until 'camping' season!

Randall H. Sloot said...

And quite tidbit it was.

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