Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuuuuuuuuuuuesdaaaaaaaaaay Aaaaaaafternooooooooon

I'm just beginning to see, now I'm on my waaaaaaaaay.
- Moody Blues from "Tuesday Afternoon"

Sorry I don't mean to start off a blog with a Moody Blues song Lyric because that most certainly is a rather pathetic start but how often is it tuesday afternoon?

Then to follow it up with the fact that there is absolutely no pertinent nor interesting news to report really is just pathetic.

oh, I did break down and devour the 8 chocolates necessary to close my debt with the advent calendar. They were sub-par as I suspected but I didn't feel like calling the dinosaurs afterward thanks to the choco overload from the night before on mom's almond roca. The hair of the dog that bit ya is how I think they say it?

One thing of note I guess, my songs "Standin Still" and "I Love You" have cracked the top 100 charts on the IAC website for Soft Rock/Easy Listening. So if you get a chance check out my songs and give them a listen, each time you do it helps me make a little money to help pay for the site service fee as well as climb the charts yee haw!

AAAAND Student Semester End Art show is coming up on Friday (nervous!). The students portfolio's are almost complete, we talked about how to set up the gallery, refreshments and advertising as well as how to dress and act (dress cool act like yourself). I just really hope people come and check it out because I don't think anything like this has ever been done here in Mekoryuk and the kids worked so hard and we never praise them enough and some of the work is really spectacular and they deserve a good word you know? The thought of people walking through a totally bare bones "art showing" experience really blows my mind.

I'll of course take pictures and let you know how it goes.

Do you ever write a blog post and know its pointless and unrefreshing from the start? Because I do, but if I've ever learned anything from Conan O'Brian it is to point out your pathetic attempts at comedy to at least salvage a sympathy laugh. So you know it, I know it, this post was piss poor. But it was either this or writing nothing and sometimes I need to write about how nothing is happening to remind myself that it is ok to not happen and stuff or before when talking things places persons and ok but sure no wait there lost it coming back into the groove under control got it !!! Whoa what just happened there I lost it for a moment there, I think its because late last night I woke up looked at my wrist watch and it read 3 am but in some sort of dyslexic haze I interpreted the hands on the clock as 9 am and freaked out. I jumped out of bed and started my morning routine for about 10 seconds in a hysterical panic until I realized that it was really only 3 am when I promptly flopped back into bed and went back to sleep in about 10 seconds only after feeling incredibly ashamed of my own bizarre stupidity. What a boner move huh? But I woke up because I was having a dream that I was being attacked by an elderly lady with braces (food stuck in them) in a strawberry patch and she was trying to kiss me, I escaped but barely as I leaped over a barbed wire fence

So yeah how was your day?

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Corinna said...

I can't tell you how much I love advent calendars. The chocolate surprises are the best. I used to eat all of mine prematurely and then eat all of Cristina's prematurely so she would go every day to get her chocolate only to find Santa did not in fact love her. Or Jesus. Whichever one is responsible for the calendar.

I hope the art show goes well, sounds awesome!

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