Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Escape from the gaggle of heinous freak mutant former high school female classmate dream terrorists

I don't know whats up lately, I've been falling asleep earlier and earlier. Last night I laid down to rest at about 9 and totally fell asleep. The upside is that I get more sleep supposedly, the down side is that I've been functioning on about 6 hours of sleep for almost 5 months now so at about 3 am I have been waking up right around the middle of my REM cycle. This creates for some very bizarre encounters in the night.

Obviousely the elderly braces make out attack dream two nights ago started it. But again last I awoke in the same semi-lucid asleep/awake dream state trying to figure out what was going on.

The DREAM (don't judge me on my subconscious) started as I hung out with my high school best friend Sean and some person unknown in downtown Tacoma somewhere unrecognizable (I assume he was in the dream because we recently started emailing again). We were sitting around drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and sharing art work. I was reading some amazing poem that I don't now remember writing but in the dream I remember knowing that it was amazing, and as I read the unknown guy started playing guitar and after I said the words he started singing them perfectly to the music, then Sean started to play a set of drums in the corner of the room and I took over singing once I got the tune. It sounded amazing and we were all beaming from that feeling you get when you know you're on the verge of something gigantic. Right then and there we started a band. In this case a "dream" band if you will.

From that point the dream gets a little muddled. I do know we went to the Swiss Bar in Tacoma to watch a band play and promote our newly formed dream band and afterward it spilled out toward a loft type place that resembled a bohemian/hipster version of a boat dock. We were sitting around and all of a sudden a bunch of really shallow girls from Peninsula high school (where I went back in the day day day) showed up and they had all morphed into older, more pimply and unfit versions of the ones I remember going to school with. I won't say who was in the group, it doesn't matter, what does is that they wanted to have a dance party to terrible 90's RnB music (this detail was probably in the dream from looking up just such music lyrics yesterday on the net) and I got stuck in the middle of a circle and couldn't get out. I was getting so angry that it finally woke me up out of the dep sleep just after I saw Sean and another high school friend escape out the porch door.

The difference between last night and the night before was that after I woke up at 3 am the dream was so putrid and vile that I actually contemplated staying awake for fear of re-entering it if I were to enter dream again.

Unfortunately my fear was validated upon reclosing my eyes. I woke up and went back to sleep 4 times last night in a desperate flurry of trying to escape this gaggle of heinous freak mutant former high school female classmate dream terrorists. If you can imagine a herd of charging bison in ill fitting Nordstrom and Aberchrombie and Fitch Apparel loudly talking on cell phones and sipping lattes heading right for you then you can imagine what kind of a nightmare it was. Finally I did give up at 5 am and woke up for good, made myself breakfast, bewildered and a little scared, and came into work confused and gun shy.

I felt the need to share this experience with you because beside the horrific events that took place later in the dream the beginning was awesome. If you didn't know someday I would really like to start a band, a real one, with music that we make.

I have been in two bands in my life.

One was a brief summer gig playing ukulele in a obscure but utterly fantastic Tacoma band Johnny Walker and the Hitchhikers. It was my first band experience and it was fun but not really something I would consider a mutual creative experience. I just played what I was told and that was fine by me. But I did get put in my place musically which was good for me to see how far I had yet to go.

The second band is the one I played in for 4 practices and one show, the local all Eskimo pop country band WD-40 last year (which incidentally just informed me that practice is starting back up on Saturday night yes!). This band was about the same experience to tell you the truth. I was given a song book that had about 55 laminated pages of popular country standards with chords and I just played ukulele and guitar and sang back up. Not really the most creative experience but still fun in an unorthodox sort of way.

But I have never started a band. And the prospect of having a dream where I did is really exciting because maybe that means I really will someday (What Will We Be Called?). Unfortunately it also means that I may or may not be stalked and or killed by aging former female high school classmates.

Either way its rather exciting isn't it?


b.r. said...

Totally reminds me of the Built To Spill lyric: "I wanna see movies of my dreams." And that's a sentiment I've shared with Mr. Martsch many a time.

Oh, and Radiate Warmth is on the list now. I meant to re-try the add a while ago.

Corinna said...

Ill-fitting Abercrombie and Fitch sounds like an absolute nightmare.

I hope "1-2-3-4 get your woman on the floor" was on the playlist. Maybe some Ice Cube too. We be clubbin'. Hey hey.

alisha said...


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