Friday, November 21, 2008

Overalls Friday

I'm finally pulling out of my snot fiesta a little today. And with the end of every cold comes a sigh of relief as I finally am returning back to the usually normal and healthy self I am. But also there is a bit of tinge of sadness as it marks the end of my unending necessity for the Nectar of the Gods...TheraFlu Nightime. That moment right before the T-Flu grabs ahold of you and drops you into dead sleep is pure bliss. Oh well, I'd rather be snot free then all doped up on TheraFlu...

In school matters, with a couple of coworkers gone, 5 students (35% of my students) out for speech competition in Bethel (none of them did very well as they were very lazy in their preparation), and a shortened day due to "Culture Week" I had a sleepy and out of the routine week this week.

Culture week has seen a bit of a decline this year with the loss of a few key organizer staff members from budget cuts. Last year we berry picked, picked grass, collected firewood, combed musk ox fur for qiviut, did native dancing and helped elders. This year our school barely native dances, just had our first culture week (instead of a half day it was an hour), and all we really did was modern beading, grass weaving, and elder story telling for the boys.

Luckily, next week is a shorty for the gobble gobble day. I still haven't decided if I'm going to go into Bethsmell or not. Tickets are still $400+ roundtrip and I'm not particularly fond of spending that kind of money knowing that I have a trip to Europe coming up in May. I do want to see some people in Bethel but I don't really want to go TO Bethel. I have a lot of work I could get caught up on, or sleep to catch up on too. I'll make a last minute decision probably anyway.

Tomorrow is the Crapple Cup (Apple Cup). Washington State University will play the University of Washington in college football in what will prove to be the most unimportant game in the history of football. Unfortunately my team WSU is on our 18th string quarterback and we suck big time having only won a single game to Portland State which might as well have been a highschool team. Luckily the UW is equally awful and have already fired their coach for next season and have yet to win a game.. It will truly be a battle for what minuscule scraps of dignity and respect remain for either team. Either way, I still hate the UW Huskies, always have, always will, and I hope they die tomorrow (the only time you'll hear me talk like this is when I talk about Huskies, primarily because they are awful demon spawn that need to be banished to the underworld.)


Have a great weekend (unless you're a husky then go suck an egg). I'll see you all Sunday for the update.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to tell you this. Alex rec. Rock Band for his bday in October (i was totally against the whole wii thing, it wasn't us who made the grand purchase)anyhoo, we are addicted to it-now!! Our nightly thing is to 'jam'. We play the guitar, drums, bass and sing. Sooooo... (kidding), tonight, we were playing some song and a guy appears in the background and Maddie shouts, 'look its Kale, is his cd on here too'? Very cute!! :OP See we are thinking about you. When you get home, you will have to come and jam with our band....
loves, hope you feel better soon!!!
Jen and crew

Erin said...

Hi. I hope to speak with you soon. I have a story about one of your speech students that I had to judge.

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