Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moments of Interest

Here are some silly/stupid/interesting/peculiar pictures from the last two weeks that left me disabled with a sinus flowage situation.

This first one is of a house fire raging a couple of weekends ago near Akula. The poor owner had just left by snowmachine to Bethsmell and returned to a horrible sight.

Here I am receiving my participants ribbon at the Akula NYO meet. (along with the compensitory 70 dollars for chaperoning I felt so appreciated). You can see that it was surely the highlight of my life.

The next week in Toksook Bay I was ever so puzzled by the Chevy Impala parked outside the school. This must be the most impractical automobile in Bush Alaska I have ever seen. But hey, those snow tires look really baller.

Here is me rejoicing to jehova as our plane flew over head of Toksook Bay. It meant that I would go home and not be stuck in Toksook another night.

And What Was My Grand Prize Favorite Part of going to NYO two weekends in a row you ask? Its was the sinus and head cold I picked up from being overworked, underslept and in constant contact with snivveling drooling farting grubby hands and saliva little kids! BAH HUMBUG!

Consequently, this is a rather peculiar and annoying strand of cold. Its not chest congestion, its not soar throat, its just constant and continual snot production, 24-7. And whats even weirder is that its only out of my right nostril, which makes me sneeze constantly and have a watery tear filled right eye. What is the point of a cold like that? Its not even debilitating, its just stupid and useless. I have already gone through 300 yards of sand paper school toilet paper and my nose is all red and my eye is all swelled up. I look like an ass, I feel like and ass kicked me in the face, and I sound so nasally that when I talked I can totally hear myself in my own head, and I sound like Ben Stein..."Bueler, Bueler, Bueler." When I blow my nose air flies out of my ears from over blowing and I sound like a trumpet. If I don't blow my nose then snot will actually drip out of my nose onto my shirt or the floor. When I get home I'm actually going to put toilet paper up my nose like I just got punched in the shnozz. Whats more last night I took my TheraFlu dose to early and fell asleep at like 8 pm only to wake up at 1 am unable to go back to sleep. So what did I do? I laid in bed and listened to three entire albums before falling asleep finally at around 4 am. I listened to The Doors "Strange Days" Neil Young "Prairie Wind" and Flowmotion "Live at Summer Meltdown 07"

Lesson learned, when someone asks me to do something I don't want to do because I know its a bad idea (NYO chaperone) I should just say no. Otherwise I get snot, lots of watery neverending snot.



Domnule Ortgiesen said...

Freakin hilarious, I am sorry for the snot that ya got but your shnotty situation made me burst out a laugh that scared a kid as he was asking me a question.

Reese-E said...

Ready for the Apple Cup?? (or the Crapple Cup, as they're calling it since we're both so bad) Here's hoping we get a win!! Hope you have a good weekend!

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