Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Alive...barely

Yeah, they almost killed me, but we made it through one day, I think we can make it through tomorrow.

I wear overalls every friday, does anyone else have a friday ritual?

I am that, you are that, all is that, and that is all there is.


Anonymous said...

Friday's are red shirt days in tribute to the military along with my son's battalion pin and my daughter's eskimo angel pin.


ms. cugno to some said...

I had a teacher in high school who always wore yellow on Thursdays. I can't keep track of the days otherwise I would do something special to commemorate one of them, probably Friday...

Anonymous said...

JEANS and STARBUCKS!!!! SHHHH don't tell Chris (about the starbucks that is...) I also have to wear my 'school' socks....and we wear our school sweatshirts, shirts or pullovers (of course they all say 'staff'). Didn't have Starbucks this Friday, had a bad day-should have none better!!!! :O)

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