Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Full Boat and Postal Success

Tomorrow I will be the only one in the high school wing. My principal is in Anchorage at a conference, my co-teacher is in Kenai for the weekend. I am on an island, wait, I mean a teaching island. I will have all the high schoolers all together (minus the HSGQE students who are being martyred in the name of standards based education as we speak), all day, just like back in elementary school. It will be Mr. Iverson, all day, one room schoolhouse style, total mind control, muhahaha. I'm scared and a little excited because I get to kind of experience what this school will be like when the population drops to such a low number that they can only fund one high school teacher. (Just like you Erin in Oscarville!). I have thoughts sometimes that remind me how in my wildest dreams I never could have imagined teaching would be like this. I'm going to market tomorrow as ass kicking day with the goal being getting two days worth of work done so that Friday can be a bit of a free day. We'll still have activities but they will be fun ones as a reward for making it halfway through the semester.

I had another good day at the post office too! I got a application packet from Jackson Hole and My brother's package of amazing music arrived also. I must say, someone taught this kid good taste in music. I do take credit for steering him in the right direction back in the day but now he has grown and evolved and developed his own tastes that he pays back to me more than I could have ever given him. I love my brother for the simple reason that no matter what happens in life he always loves me and looks up to me and makes me feel important and real.

Here is what he sent:

Jackie Green "Giving Up the Ghost"
Easy Star Allstars "Radiodread" (all reggae Radiohead covers!)
Brazilian Girls "New York City"
Xavier Rudd "Dark Shades of Blue"
Dr. Dog "Fate"
Peter Tosh "Legalize It" and "Honorary Citizen"

I plan on doing a music review blog of all of these selections since they are all completely new to me. I hope my brother will consider co-authoring it with me.

Which brings me to another point/idea. I desperately want to start or join a group blog. I just think it would be cool to start a blog where anyone involved could author and contribute. This blog is mine, it has evolved into a very important therapeutic part of my life and also a record of everything that happens to me. But its all about me most of the time (have you noticed...hehe) and sometimes I want to write about other stuff.

Well, wish me luck with the lot of em tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm off, back to school, to lift ze vates und bilt ze moosels, ya, ine going to pump


b.r. said...

Hey Mr. K-I: I dig that thought about the group blog. It could be a really beautiful thing, and I say give it Hell. Of course, it could also degenerate into a sounding board for talk-shoppy teachers who didn't get enough during the school day. If that happens, of course you'd need to do the humane thing. You've seen Old Yeller, right?

You've got a Yugoslavian on Nunivak? The governor should put that on the ole resume there, you betcha.

Hal said...

let me know if you want me to help on the reviews of the albums! Enjoy!

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