Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Name Is Kale, I'm this many (26 fingers) and I'm a big helper now.

So besides running the whole high school wing last Thursday and Friday, I have been pretty helpful around town for other things.

Take Sunday for instance, I picked up Kenji and Akio from UAF Permafrost Outreach program at the airport and helped them locate and install two permafrost data collection devices.

Kenji found out I play ukulele and wants me to record a song for his website episodes on Permafrost for his environmental superhero alter ego "Tunnel Man."

Then Gabe our computer technician came in today and wanted to drive out on the 4 wheeler to the truck, 4 wheeler and sno-go graveyard and find a specific snowmachine part (a clutch) for a rare 1993 snomachine. Sure enough on we found one, the chances of this happening were incredibly rare.

We also have parent teacher conferences tomorrow. I called all the parents, got all the kids to make power point presentations to lead their own STUDENT Parent Teacher conferences.

Tonight I'll be doing TWO yoga classes! Beginner and intermediate classes. In total it will be about an hour and a half of yoga, whew! In fact I gotta run right now. Until I get back you can look at this non flattering picture of me sitting in the back of a junkyard brokedown pick up with a weird look on my face for no reason.

Ok, now that yoga is over, I feel amazing! The Michael Franti Yoga DVD "Power To the Peaceful Yoga" was super fun, really challenging, and had a lot of good messages. In total there were SEVEN (last week we had 4) people there for the beginner class and two stayed for the intermediate advanced one. We even had a little toddler come and he stretched right along with us! It was so funny because at the end we were supposed to relax and let go and he was running around like a little kid does and we all just had to laugh and let go and let our little buddy be part of it all. It was great! Man I keep using exclamation points but thats because it was so much fun. It sounds dumb but I actually feel like a better person after doing yoga with those nice people. I'm hoping that I can get so many people that we can do multiple nights, beginner nights, advanced nights, and so on. Hopefully we'll get more and more people into it and build a revolution of sorts.

Go Team!


jessie40oz said...

i miss you kale! it was nice to just get caught up in kale's life .... and so glad to hear about your yoga venture ... awesome!! and m.i.a rocks my socks off ;) <3 you long time

earth-rabbit said...

Ooh, I want the Michael Franti yoga DVD! His songs cheer me up on cloudy mornings as I'm biking to class. My Japanese host sister likes this exercise dude who has a DVD called Billy Boot Camp. He got so big in Japan that since his DVD was released, and they use those stretch band things, the stretch bands have been sold out in Kyoto. My sister even went to see him when he came to visit Japan. The fan culture here is halarious. Anyways, glad you're making waves out there in AK, keep it up!

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