Thursday, October 23, 2008

Overalls Friday and Bethel Bound

Tomorrow, weather pending, I'll be flying into Bethel for Second Year Teacher Inservice. The inservice is on area specific curriculum and while that may be very helpful the real reason I'm going in is because I need a freaking break from this frozen rock. Although I don't consider Bethell to be the height of society it is the closest thing resembling any semblance of civilization for hundeds of miles. Luckily, I also have some amazing friends to visit also.

I need to see cool western people my age, converse with them and feel semi normal for a weekend (hanging out with Eskimo teenagers and people twice my age is cool and all but it messes with your social skills over time).

I need to go grocery shopping badly, I have been neglecting this for a couple of weeks and things are looking bare around the old gally.

I need to get away from my school web proxy so that I can check my myspace (as completely sick as that sounds I get emails all the time telling me about messages and such that I would really like to respond to but can't)

I need to simply be somewhere else, for perspective if nothing else, although the fact that I have to miss all the college football on Saturday is slightly irritating.

I also have an overwhelming need to buy an insane Halloween costume, I was thinking something completely amazing like a ballerina tutu or a mighty morphin' power rangers. Any suggestions?

I may or may not be bored out of my proverbial gourd on Saturday (Inservices are really hit or miss) so I'll give you a play by play or at least a recap on Sunday of how the trip to pseudo-modern society went. Wish me safe travels, see you soon.


Hal said...

I have a great idea for a should dress up like a hippie...oh wait...shit. nevermind.

Reese-E said...

haha! hal's comment is funny.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking an 'angel' with wings and a halo....thats Maddie's costume this year. Maybe under your 'dress' of sorts, you could have the tail of the devil sticking out, or horns (on your head). Kinda play 'devils advocate'!!!! :O)
jen and the crew!!!!

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