Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Favorite things

These are some of my favorite things:

Students that were great today, so great that I thought it was creepy. I'm so used to having to fight for every inch with these kids that when it comes easy I'm a little baffled by it.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate: M&M's, Reeses Cups, or if I'm desperate a Hershey bar and a spoon of Adams.

Students with good attitudes and hope in their eyes as they start the three grueling days of HSGQE high stakes graduation state testing.

My new hat from katie! All the way from New Zealand and made of wool. (Yes Katie it does fit my "giant melon" perfectly so no worries mate).
Getting Mail


Diet Pepsi (Don't ask why I just crave it from time to time).

My mentor teacher (She rules! Thanks Sally for the enchiladas)

Depak Chopra's Spiritual Law of the Day. As dorky as it sounds it friggin really good to read at the beginning of the day to give yourself a focus for how you operate your life.

Competent Caring and Intelligent Teacher Aides! My teacher aide is incredible and I don't know what I would do with out her.

My new (old) Pentax K-1000 that I found lying around school. This 1971 manufactured beauty is still working perfectly, I used one just like this in 7th grade Photography at Harbor Ridge Middle School. You know whats funny, they smell the same...weird. I already cleaned it, got film and downloaded the owners manual from the net...SOOOOOOO COOL.

These are some of the good things that have been going on this week (I chose to write about these instead of highlighting the spirit and soul crushing power of the HSGQE test on students lives).

What are some of your favorite things?


Syd said...

I like to get mail too (although i mostly only get bills, and NARALpro-choice notices, and more bills.
I like drinking something hot out in the cold (tea, coffee, cocoa... etc.) and Something cold when it's hot (cold beer in front of a fire, margarita on the beach)




salt water

long boarding

(rope swings, tire swings, chains.. any thing that swings really)

bedtime stories


books about love & vampires

love, peace, and togetherness.
(having all my best friends together and meeting new best freinds)

Bon fires

Dancing (with fire or without)

I love to spin around whearing a big skirt and feel it swish/flip/flap :)

Learning (absolutely anything)

There's so much more, these are just some of my favorite things.

alisha said...

I love chocolate and peanut butter too!

Susan Iverson said...

I hate to be predictable but my favorite things:

Everything having to do with Christmas
Everything having to do with the WSU Cougars
Sunny beaches
My boys together anywhere

So, how about Christmas in Hawaii when the Cougars make it to the Hawaii Bowl someday with the whole family?

It could happen!

Erin said...

(I chose to write about these instead of highlighting the spirit and soul crushing power of the HSGQE test on students lives).

Thank you. I'm proctoring the test right now and want to tear it up and throw it out the window! I've also been discussing high-stakes tests quite a bit in my Second Language Assessment class and I can't help but get all fired up about it.

My favs/thing to be happy about:

Things that can added to the list:
my van

the Gardenfork podcast

my dog

all my super cool friends that make living out here tolerable (quyana)

positivelystephie said...

laughing until it hurts
seeing someone from across the room and knowing we are going to be best friends forever
grill cheese late night
laying in the grass looking up at moving clouds
new friends that feel like old ones
feeling like i am in the right place doing all the right things!
my hammock
being creative

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