Friday, September 26, 2008

Overalls Friday and not a moment too soon

Overalls Friday high and low lights.

Beautiful sunrise, sliver moon, stars and clear skies today.
Fun new math activities had students engaged.
Awesome art mosaics in progress by students
Friend Erin from Oscarville still clinging to Mekoryuk Visit possibility.
JH science kids Aced quiz
Ecology Class Tundra walk in the sun

Student inappropriate use of computers (I have a remote desktop surveillance program now)
Students throwing berries, kicking rocks and not paying attention on Ecology Tundra Walk
Erin having to cancel Mekoryuk visit due to no rides
Massive petty coworker soap opera drama for no reason
Awful chili and rice lunch made students extra gassy

I can't wait to get the hell out of school so I can get away from these people into the freedom of the tundra, with its sunshine, earthy smells, and bountiful berries. Normally my Fridays start of shitty and improve as the day goes on and the prospect of Freedom nears, this Friday however started off incredible and has gotten shittier as the day wears on. The pinnacle of this nonsense fast approaching. ANYWAYS I'll keep you all posted (so much I wish I could share with all of you).


Syd said...

you sure look cute! ;)

Sir Randall said...

Dont get down son, you do good work damnit. I can tell from all the way down here. Also, Sydney is right, you look massive cute.

ms. cugno to some said...

I concur.

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