Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shat Weather and Food...mmmmmmm.

I want to subsist. I mean, as the locals say, "I want to GO berry pick." I guess a real tough person would go and pick anyway, rain or shine. Its just picking with gloves is stupid, and its a wee bit nippie out there for my mits to be bare, rainy too. But subsistence is addictive. Once you start to tap into the ultimate bounty of ol mama earth, you just want to keep gathering more.

I don't know when or if I'm going to do it, but I want to see if I can make it like a month off of food I subsisted myself. Mostly salmon, trout, and berries. I mean I'll probably get super sick of eating the same thing everyday, but how cool would that be to know that I gathered enough food to feed myself for a month.

Farming is cool, Hunting is ok (up here its a little bit more noble), Fishing is admirable I suppose, but GATHERING is so much cooler. I wonder if there is a diet called "Gatherer" (probably more like scavenging). But it could include things you could Gather like wild plants (tubers and grass and berries and so much other stuff), mushrooms, muscles, clams, crabs I guess, (fishing almost fits in) and other sea foods. Like "gatherer" foods are just there for the taking, you don't have to really hunt it, or grow it, just find it!

Anyways that was a thought I just had, whoa...weird.

Also, I just want to say: Banana Bread + Peanut Butter= My Dear God Thats Good! (had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday and breakfast and lunch today thanks to Dirk and his generous loaf of friendship).

I love redefining meals. Like why do we eat breakfast foods at breakfast, everyone knows breakfast is better for dinner, and Dinner is better cold and leftover for breakfast, and lunch is just a half assed wild card, you never know how that'll go. Do you ever just make a lot of something and eat it like 3 times in one day because its so good?

Why am I talking about food anyways? Oh yeah, its dinner time and I'm hungry. Tonight I think I'm going to clean my apartment to some newly purchased Pinback, make pancakes bacon and eggs for dinner, bake some cookies with tundra berries, and listen to some NPR This American Life podcasts. Sounds domestic and lame? Well its cozy to me.

Anyways...I'm rambling...sorry...Tomorrow is Humpday so get your hump on...oops...I mean I hope your day is humptastic...wait no thats all wrong...try this...don't let anyone take the hump out of your day...no thats just awful...here how about this one...tomorrow, I hope you're on top of the hump...gross...nevermind.


John said...

Just a fantastic light-hearted enjoyable read...
I want me some grub now

Domnule Ortgiesen said...

I sit here at my desk infront of a group of my students, just as I amagine you do, and the thought of us both doing the same thing at the same time made me think of that Pepsi commercial where one brother sips a pepsi and the other brother on the other side of the world makes that stereotypical sound of refreshment but infront of some beautiful woman who just so happens to be bending over. Thanks a lot.

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