Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Update Revival

Thats right kiddies, the weekly update is back. There were a lot of features to the weekly update I'd like to keep and some that started to bore me so check out the news in My Brain lately.

Musical Artist Of the Week: Miles Davis from the album "Kind of Blue." I've never really invested a lot of time in this album before but I'll tell you what, the long spaced out melancholy jazz jams really have been speaking to me this last week. I get into my room and me and Miles get to work you know? Dig that cats, dig that for sure.

Personal Art Update: I've started learning some cover songs of artists I admire. Right now I'm learning a couple Matt Costa songs "Yellow Taxi Cab" and "Oh Dear," the goal being that by spring I can play from memory over 15 songs by other people. I haven't had time to paint, draw, write, or express myself much lately because of all the teacher work that is ruling my life. Eventually I should get back on track.

Old Person Phrase of the Week: "Fit as a Fiddle" Can you please tell me just how fit fiddles are? Why do old people constantly refer to their health in comparison to a 4 stringed instrument? Old people, so funny.

Kale's Bush Recipe of the Week: With limited supplies and low quality food, lets see what I can come up with to satisfy my ever so advanced pallet...psych.

Spicy Sausage Fettuccine Alfredo: Shi**y Style
-Fettuccine Noodles (or whatever you can get your mittens on)
-Alfredo Sauce (out of the jar is fine we're not Mario Battali here)
-SriRacha Sauce (Vietnamese garlic hot sauce use sparingly if sensitive to spice)
-Johnsonville Spicy Brats (can substitue with moose or whatever)
-Green/Red/Yellow/Orange Peppers (if you get veggies in your village)
-Onions, Mushrooms, whatever you got
-Chedder Cheese (or pepper jack works too!)

Obviously I'm no chef so...Grill the Sausages, Make the noodles, Heat up the sauce, grill the veggies and cut up sausages, add them in to the sauce, add the Sriracha sauce, spice to taste, add the cheddar right before you serve over noodles. It sounds gross but this is one of my favorite meals on a cold night because it really heats you up!

Readership Update: Despite my brief 2 month hiatus I'm still getting about 33 readers a day and over 230 in the last week. Crazy huh? So if you are one of those readers then say hello, I need to get a sense of who's out there!!!

I promise I'll make this better next week, but I'm slammed right now.


Have a good week you knuckleheads.


ms. cugno to some said...

I like it.
First day back tomorrow, holy crap! Will be thinking of you...take luck!

Susan Iverson said...

I think as far as recipes goes, I need to send you more SPAM to cook with. The possibilities are endless!

Reese-E said...

Welcome back to the world of bloggers! Hope you're settling back in nicely. :)

Knits McGee said...

come on! where's the meltdown recap? I just got ahold of some primary colors yarn so that may be slapped on your mellon somewhat soon!

Erin said...

So, I was curious as to the meaning of "fit as a fiddle" and when I googled it I found the following video. I don't know why...but I found it quite amusing and entertaining. Perhaps that is because I am trying to write a paper right now and I'm looking for every possible distraction.

Alaskan Teacher Mentor Pat said...

Hey- back at it, huh! I'm a regular reader, even if I don't always comment, so some of those hits are me. I even put a clustr map on my own blog.

I'd like to see you put on your weekly update any subsistence type hunting/gathering done on Mekoryuk during the week. Like, I see blueberry picking is happening now. For those of us in other worlds, it's very interesting.

Keep in touch.

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