Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome Backs and the Sleep that evades me...

Amidst the chaos a pleasant phenomenon has been taking place. Everywhere I go around town people are shaking my hand and saying "Welcome Back." People I've never really talked to, people I didn't think even knew me, people who never acknowledged me, all saying the same thing and shaking my hand.

With all the crazy stress of trying to get our school up and running (impossibly I might add) by Monday morning as well as the eleven o'clock setting sun I've found sleep to be somewhat elusive once again. I still really haven't got my new apartment up and running either.

I'm waiting to move a couch in so that I can fall asleep on it but until then I just sit in this lazyboy-esk recliner, unsatisfied, trying to become tired. My apartment is still in shambles and after a whole day of 10 plus hours of organizing and rearranging my classroom and school and preparing for the big day I just can't seem to muster up the strength to do much of anything, especially clean my apartment.

Then after dinner and possibly a lazy movie I find myself wide awake drinking tea and rewatching DVD's. The free Alaska "One" channel I used to get last year doesn't seem to be working and along with it my easy street to dreamland. Long ago when I was a kid my parents gave up trying to make me go to bed the old fashion way and let me fall asleep watching tv. Either I would stay in my room and scream and cry for hours or I watch 2 minutes of tv and fall asleep. Its the same way today, but movies don't work, I need boring, mind numbing tv.

Oh well...I forgot about the long sleepless hours part of Alaska, and the early mornings that follow. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in a bit, Sunday and all, a little gospel bluegrass, coffee and pj's, and then back to work, one day left till it all goes down.

I Hope I get to go fishing this week...


Jimmy and Kerri said...

Hey Kale Jimmy and I wanted to wish you a great year! We ended up landing jobs in NC and so far we love it here. I am sure that everything will work out! Take care and keep blogging. We enjoy reading it.

kalianne said...

Glad to see you made it back safely! I was reading your myspace and saw the blogspot website. So, I thought I might see what your up to up in the big AK. I hope the first day of school goes well and you have some time to organize the chaos that is your apartment. Keep in touch buddy. oh also, you should email me some meltdown pics.. I already miss it and would love to reminisce :)

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