Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Poem

Life Through Death

Its all time and movement,
Moments that own us,
Currents that overthrow us,
And Oceans of emotions,
And rhythms overflowing,
Of feelings and growing.
I once asked a girl:
“How do you make it
In a world that has marked you?”
And she replied:
“Why you gotta love where you’re at
If you want to get where you want to
And it struck me,
And thrust me,
Back, back, back
And into the sea.
To think all along
Its in a smile or song,
Or a day in the life
Of a child of the dawn,
Or a man of the light,
Or a lady of the night.

And old man once told
The words that I live by:
“When you wake in dark of the morn
you have one decision to base you day on.
Will I have a good day or will I have bad one?”
Those were the lasting words
of grandfather
to a grandson.
And I try so hard to live up to those words,
but they’re truer than any of the others
I’ve ever heard.
Because it all comes down
To how you deal with your life.
You either swim or you drown.
Time cuts like a knife.
One minute your eleven,
The next your twenty seven,
Then you wake up when your forty,
Next thing your in heaven.
If you believe in such a place,
What if its just a bandage on the face
Of the fact that we might become dirt in the end.
So I say drink up and give love to your friends.

When its all over
I don’t want to be
Anything less then I was meant to be:
A messenger, a vessel,
A brother, a threshold,
A gateway, a lover.
We all can discover
Through death

Don’t forget to breath.
Don’t forget to see
The forest that is hiding
In between the trees.

I wrote this with a happy heart so don't think its depressing. What I mean is that through knowing its all going to come to end some day we can be happy in knowing that each day counts. Make the most of your day!

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