Friday, August 22, 2008

Overalls Friday!

Hey, alright! Its overalls Friday once again. Why is it so special? Well overalls are great and so are Fridays and that a perfect match. I wear overalls as a sign of the weekend. I don't think I've ever earned a Friday like this one in my life. Last night was beautiful and I went fishing with Ralph. He caught a good sized silver but I struck out again. Dammit. But a shi**y day fishing beats a good day at work, or thats what they say. The weather was beautifully sunny and warm and after fishing my new SA Gary and I spent an hour driving the 4-wheeler down to the airport to learn how to drive the 4-wheeler, we only got it up to 51 but it was still exciting. I hope this fog burns off today so that I can get some berry picking done. And this weekend I plan on getting around to that Hawaii/Meltdown post (I'm so sorry guys).

Happy Friday!


Syd said...

I want to get in on some overall Friday action! Congrats to you on the end of you long hard week! (p.s.I'm a loyal reader of yours) xo. OH I can't wait to hear about MeltDown!!

Erin said...

"only 51"

I don't understand why you think going 50 or above in a mechanized vehicle is How fast do you go in your car?

Anonymous said...

I heard from Gary that you are learning to drive the 4-wheeler (Didn't he teach driver's ed last year?) I bet he was a good driving instructor, especially since he let you drive it 51 miles an hour your first tme out.I'm jealous of the fishing but hopefully I'll make it there tomorrow morning for some berry picking. I ate myself silly today with salmonberries while I was waiting for the plane in Newtok. Thanks for teaching me how to chat faster....See you tomorrow (I'm thinking positive for no fog)

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