Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Cool Down

Today is Friday, I wore my overalls and meant it, and the kids were amazing today too, positive, loving and appreciative. At the Ratball tournament (villages come for a type of scrambled pick up basketball) we served ice cream, two of my students were told to bring Pam and Gary the drivers ed teachers some, Gary told them he was lactose intolerant and to give it to Mr. Iverson. Pam watched as the boys went back and filled the ice cream up double full for me and then insisted on giving it to me themselves. Its things like extra ice cream that let me know they love me too.

But I made it home finally. I got a little Grateful Dead Live circa 1968 simmering on the jukebox, I just finished a water color of imaginary leaf beetles, and Pam, Gary and I are simply enjoying a night home from the craziness that is education and politics.

Over at school ratball is in full swing, but I didn't feel like helping all that much at school after class today. It felt tired and thats okay to tell you the truth. I am one of the only people coming back next year and I can let other people volunteer at the school for the next couple weeks......

...3 hours later I finished this post:

Gary and Pam and I just watched the DVD Grateful Dead Live at Radio City Music Hall New York 1980. It was awesome to see two people who had never enjoyed there music come to not only enjoy it but really like the band. And what an epic show too, I've never watched it all the way through.

Dead DvD $26.00, converting two awesome Texans into Deadheads, Priceless.

See you tomorrow.

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Jessie said...

first of all that is one of my favorite dvd's that i own!!! and second of all.. i love the art work... sooooo much actually!

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