Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Spontaneous Collaborative Poem

All Together Better All Together

By Katie Cugno and Kale Iverson

pterodactyl matter of factual
actual lactaid fatter than
a mattress meter man
with a feather in his hand
reprimanding outstanding patterns
never patronizing or recognizing flattery
but loving and leaving a regular lady chadderly
lively lifting and shifting to sift through
who do? we do? no you do.
that's true and you know, I knew
oh did you?
ooo touché? or the other way
supersonic ultrasound
flabbergasting all around backhanding through walls and underground
catacombs pharaohs in stone tombs
combing through tunnels weaving through muddled mysteries looming on a shelf in your room
heart beat, lub dub lub dub, a mother, a child, a womb
bada bing bada boom rattatatt tatt now we're through.
we're through again well then just press send, no in fact pop a stamp on it and give it to the mail man
in the end finishing the beginning is all we're really doing
in this melting pot your a turnip and i'm an eggplant, its okay though we're stewing at least we're together
brewing, chewing, or being chewed whatever the weather
its all together better
it's better altogether
what falls faster the stone or the feather?
depending on what the goose or the duck?
neither how about a stone or a truck?
uh oh good luck
close but no. they were flying straight down looking for the muck

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