Monday, May 5, 2008

Tom Cod Fishin' Monday

After a lightning bolt of a Monday (every time I blinked my eyes another period went by) I got a chance to run down to the river outside of town real quick for some tom cod fishing. I was the worst fisherman between Josh, Melissa, Alice, and Peggy and I still caught like 25 fish.

Tom cod aren't very big, they're kind of like perch back in Washington, and the locals gut em and string em up to dry to eat later with seal oil or use as bait. I caught a nasty bullhead too, it was disgusting looking. My hands got cold like a wuss but I had a really good time (got to drive a snogo which I always love).

So now I'm back home, pretty tired actually, and thinking about home. I called the Subaru Dealership in Tacoma today and it looks like its gonna cost me just under a grand to get the Sarge up and running to maximum capacity for summer adventure. I figure since I'll be living out of my car its a sound investment right?

So in biology class we're studying "Global Warming" and to make sure I give a balanced perspective I have been doing some research on evidence against the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW which means human caused). I never knew there was so much information and evidence against it out there and available. I was also unaware of many of the political and economic benefits and players in the new "Green Revolution." As I become more and more informed I'll start relaying some information. Don't get me wrong, I think we mistreat the environment enough and our atrocities are boundless as a race, but if "Global Warming" was just some thing cooked up by liberals to give a boost to their bank accounts (like Al Gore investing heavily in ethanol a competitor to gas in the alternative fuel markets) then technically they are no better than Bush leading us into Iraq for oil. In fact I try not to trust any old white guys in suits these days. But thats a horse of a whole different color. It seems like not so long ago I was complaining about some right wing parent whacko's getting a poor Federal Way teacher fired for showing "An Inconvenient Truth" in biology class this time last year. Now I'm starting to wonder if there wasn't some merit.

So things are going to be changing on this blog very soon. Summer is fast approaching, my activities, internet access and alternative forms of entertainment will as well. I am taking suggestions as to what people want Radiate Warmth to do this summer. Do people still want Weekly Updates? Do people want updates from the road, coffee shops and different locals. I don't want to simply be bragging about my awesome life the whole time so help me make the most of it.

Love love love, and hope you monday went well, peace!


ms. cugno to some said...

You better get those fish some little parkas, they look cold.

Also, interesting about the global warming thing. I think it's true "sustainability" has become a huuuge buzz word, but I still think it's important. You can make money off anything these days...

Summer bloggin? Do what you want to what you feel do what you need. (Ha, that song's playing right now...) Personally, I don't think I'll be blogging much this summer, but you never can tell.

Reese-E said...

i think you should definitely blog from the road! coffeeshops, friends' houses, libraries, airports. that would be awesome! let us all know where you're at and what you're up to!

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